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Movie Hostel - Bratislava, Slovakia fights back by inviting director

UPDATED with Slovak Tourist Board comment - Bratislava, March 15, 2006 ( - Official Slovak Tourist Board invited the director of Hostel to visit the country and see that its portrayal in the film as a decrepit, dangerous place is unfair, head of the agency said.
"At the European premiere of Hostel representatives of the Slovak Tourist Board handed over an official invitation to film director Eli Roth," head of the Tourist Board Silvia Sulekova Kollarikova told, a partner server. "The American guest said he would be glad to accept the invitation. He did not specify the dates of his visit," she added.
"I think I have to be a man and go there and face the music," director Eli Roth was quoted by Reuters as saying. He also apologised to Slovaks for depicitng them as maniacs.
In later reports, Roth appeared to backtrack, saying he was scared to visit. "I have a feeling that now I've made the film, I will get beaten and tortured in Slovakia," Movie News section quoted him as saying.
Following the disastrous portrayal of Bratislava as a terrifying hole in 2005 Eurotrip movie, which caused dismay among locals, the city's appearance in the 2006 blockbuster horror movie angered many Slovaks. "I feel apalled, disapointed and humiliated...Slovakia was again depicted in the film as a backward and poor country and what is worse, our beautiful girls were portrayed as the ultimate whores," Jozef Uhlar, a blogger and prominent Slovak artist, wrote in his blog at
"Naturally, the way Bratislava and Slovakia is depicted in the film is offensive and absurd for any judicious person," Milan Vajda, head of Bratislava's Communication Department told

Naked Girls in Hostel Movie The plot of the film produced by Quentin Tarantino and filmed mostly in Prague, Czech Republic takes place in Bratislava. The main heroes make their way there from Amsterdam following a recommendation that it is packed with beautiful women.
But sweaty sex with gorgeous scantily clad Slovak hostel roommates (played by young Czech and Slovak actresses) leads up to the main characters being whisked to a torture dungeon to undergo grueling treatment by an international crowd of sickos paying for the action.

Horror Hostel The City of Bratislava, according to Vajda, had no immediate plans for legal action against the makers of Hostel. "I believe that quality work of all involved in incoming tourism in Bratislava and Slovakia can in the end be much more effective than chasing expensive lawyers of Hollywood film-makers in courts," he said. He cited the 25 percent increase in the number of tourists in 2004 and the subsequent 8 percent increase in 2005 as evidence of success in gradually building up Bratislava's image.

Comments from our visitors:

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fuck off wrote on 11.12.2014 at 07:18:37:
Grow up morons...pricks saying they want to carvr up and torture a man for making a movie maybe someone should kidnap you and cut you up with bolt cutters...Eli Roth is obveosly Jewish horror movie ideas come from what people find scary and having your race almost wiped out in simmillar circumstances (Auschwitz) may give Eli Roth Bad dreams... Bratislava the fact that you make such a noise about it shows you know that something is wrong with your government somewhere... Why must it be to make your country look bad this could be anywhere in this sick fuck planet every body with half a brain knows politicians worship Satan fuck babies and kill anyone who speaks out. Millions of people and children go missing every day allover the world...accuse a certain prominent family of murder out loud in Englande and you too can wake up naked with a bag over your head I'm a room full of deadly tools

fuck off wrote on 11.12.2014 at 07:18:15:
Grow up morons...pricks saying they want to carvr up and torture a man for making a movie maybe someone should kidnap you and cut you up with bolt cutters...Eli Roth is obveosly Jewish horror movie ideas come from what people find scary and having your race almost wiped out in simmillar circumstances (Auschwitz) may give Eli Roth Bad dreams... Bratislava the fact that you make such a noise about it shows you know that something is wrong with your government somewhere... Why must it be to make your country look bad this could be anywhere in this sick fuck planet every body with half a brain knows politicians worship Satan fuck babies and kill anyone who speaks out. Millions of people and children go missing every day allover the world...accuse a certain prominent family of murder out loud in Englande and you too can wake up naked with a bag over your head I'm a room full of deadly tools

kcbrlmgc wrote on 03.12.2014 at 16:16:15:

miriam wrote on 19.10.2014 at 13:36:51:
I was staying at a hotel at the time when I saw hostel 2 ...I have no idea about what the 1st hostel was like . Hostel 2 was very scary to me . Being a woman , I honestly believe there are men who have that kind of club where they pay a large amount of money and they torture and kill women. Many men in the usa hate women....who says this is fake ? This probably happens somewhere ! If not Slovakia then somewhere else. As a woman , this movie is horrific and frightening. For a man...probly no big deal.

henni wrote on 05.03.2013 at 02:01:01:
THE LAND OF SLOVAK PARADISE. This is Slovakia, officially and unofficially. Slovakia is the Heart of Europe. This is true geographically. But this is true factually, the people are genuinely good hearted. The land of Slovakia is yours to discover, you be the one to experiene God's natural beauty. But in reality, Mother Nature loved Slovakia with all the natural elements to life. Slovakia is one of the most beautiful places on in the world. I am a Slovak- Canadian, born in Slovakia but lived all my life in Canada. I would never go back to CANADA. Slovakia is my true home strong and free. I love it.

Supriya wrote on 19.09.2011 at 06:17:29:
It brought bile in my mouth.I alwez watch these pshychic thrillers, but it was over the top....damn scary.somewhere it must have happened....God have mercy on such people who were condemned for such atrocities.

jason wrote on 29.08.2011 at 01:58:46:
k now everyone listen up the movie was real to a certain degree now the fake part was where they made the movie at cause ive been to Amsterdam and i like it and that was after the movie was made now u do have some weird ass hotel people lol but other then that the women were awsome the clubs were fun the people were just kool as hell so i hope people keep going to that country it was the best experience i have ever had........

Bull shit wrote on 07.08.2011 at 22:54:36:
What a load of crap! We joked about hostel on our way here but after visiting Prague, Vienna and now Bratislava we have had a really good time. The ladies are gorgeous and the place is ugly but beautiful at the same time. The service, food and hospitality has been, by far, the best. It's nit as pretty as the other places but it's got something far more interesting and emotionally engaging about it. We went swimming in a lake today, no murderers in sight! If you have any sense you wouldn't put yourself at risk in any country including the uk. No racist people around and there are lots of Asian tourists on holiday here. Give it a rest and see for yourselves what it's like. Bratislava is somewhere I would definitely come back to. Lovely, interesting, beautiful place. And that's only in the capital! I wish we had more time to explore.

BTPK wrote on 24.07.2011 at 10:18:17:
hmmmm I wonder if ROTH has a jewish axe to grind with Slovakia?

Slovakia is literally the heart of Europe and has many beautiful places, not to mention beautiful and intelligent people. I should know 1/2 my family came from Slovakia.

Lee Marvin wrote on 24.01.2011 at 04:04:21:
I live in Eastern europe many places and I can tell for sure they want to keep all blacks, pakistanis and other assorted ethnic races out. The simple reason is the chaos and crime they have caused in Europe, Usa and UK - They simply are not afraid to be called racist even though they are only going on what they have seen. Get real folks what has the muslim immigration given to any european country except from rape gangs targettting white christian women , murder , crime and intolerance to anyone not of the faith and the belief that Adolf Hitler was a great prophet and the destruction of the cleverest race on the planet the jewish people. Europe murdered 6 million of the worlds most clever people and replaced them with 20 million of the most ignorant,violent and backward people in the world and you wonder why Eastern Europeans dont want their countries turned into a S***HOLE like London!

shibu wrote on 25.12.2010 at 14:44:02:
i watched d movie n i liked it. even tho feel bad for d slovak's being depicted as thing of em all is slovakia is still a developed countries in central europe...who's d loser anyways in between.... waiting 4 d 3rd editon of d movie wid full of nudity....

Aditya.A wrote on 16.12.2010 at 20:16:37:
Who is this Eli Roth?! Bastard! crazy assole! i love to torture him alive in our country india! Iam very humorous man. But now onwards i became cruel!!!! AAAAHH!!!! bring him to me & give me all sharp tools! i will torture him as for as possible!!!!!!!!!! & i will get satisfied by drinking his hot blood.!
If god really exist, then he will make me strong man & facilitate me to capture & torture eli roth!

Aditya.A wrote on 16.12.2010 at 20:05:50:
If hostel film makers all are captured & tied by polices at one old building in our india, i will eat those bastards alive & i show them what is hell!!!!
come on!! do what i said. I got depressed about this film. God! where is humanity?!!! where is mercy?!!!!!

Nitesh wrote on 15.12.2010 at 11:59:39:
hey guys i have seen the movie & i found it interesting & thrilling. It is same feeling like watching any other horror film, which u dont believe in once u leave the theatre / Sofa. I personally dont believe that any country on earth in today's age would be of this kind which has been portrayed in the film. They had to choose some country & location for the story & they did it as Slovakia - differnt & not so many people have visited it yet as tourists. it could not have given that thrilling & mysterious effect to the film if they had chosen any other famous visited place. Its just a film & no body would offend any feelings of Slovakian people by assuming such stuff true. Audiences of such films are not childish enough to believe in stuff like that, neither director has mentioned anywhere that it is based upon a true story !! On the other hand i feel that locations showed in the film are really beautiful, architecture (near by torture museam especially) looks gr8 & old, place looks really calm.. Hence any common person like me would definately want to visit Slovakia for its beauty. Dont take it so seriously guys...And Slovakia - I am really looking forward to come there ASAP due to this movie only. :)

dhaval wrote on 27.10.2010 at 19:27:03:
hostel is just a movie, and wat it did according to me is created curiosity abt slovakia. am visiting this country in some time n also would like to stay in same hostel../ take things casually guys../

Joradn H wrote on 09.10.2010 at 21:22:23:
I just watched the movie. It was fantastic. I can see why the Slovaks get so mad about it though. Im from Australia and have visited Bratislava, it is nothing like this at all. The city is beautiful, as well as the women. The scariest thing youll face in Slovakia is the ticket inspectors on the public trams. Dont be put off by this movie, it is such an inaccurate portrayal of what Slovakia is like! If you like cheap beer and food, sunny weather and hot babes, it is the place to be.

European Racists wrote on 04.09.2010 at 05:29:51:
All of eastern europe is taken by racist youth, they are haters. If you are white and wearing a leather jacket, you'll be fine. DO NOT VISIT EASTERN EUROPE, unless you are filthy rich and staying at top notch facilities. I backpacked there and it's scarier than Brazil, trust me.

mariacho wrote on 31.08.2010 at 22:00:50:
If you want to see where this sick movie was probably this..
this location is close to the city where Quentin Tarantino was born..As this movie was in the sick head of citizen of this town, you can probably experience this story here in Knoxwille, Tennessee..

Liam wrote on 12.08.2010 at 17:35:29:
First of all Blava is a fairly uninteresting city, then again so is Dublin. I lived in SK for years and never was hassled/robbed/mugged. Its a film and like alot of things ties in to urban myths. There are millions of those "friend of a friend of mine" stories circulating. Ever met individual in person? Funny thing, those really scary looking mafiosi/skinheads are everywhere in UK+Ireland now. So probably youre safer to go over there than stay here :)

jacsan wrote on 23.06.2010 at 00:40:02:
First a warm hello to Slovaks. Your nation can be as secure or unsecure as any nation in the world.

I've seen the movie and it is way too scary. Not because of the blood or the crime scenes, but because of the message. It is presented in a way that you can think it's true. Things close to this are happening in many parts of the world. It also scares me that this movie can actually give ideas to some organizations out there.

It is a good movie, though, but way too scary.

SaynotoRacism wrote on 06.05.2010 at 21:19:30:

Chris from England wrote on 27.03.2010 at 15:16:48:
I came looking to see if there was any fact behind the invention of a sick mind in the creation of Hostel and Hostel 2.

I was stunned by the xenophobia generated by such movies and nationalism.

Movies made for the sole purpose of making money can grossly misrepresent whole societies.

The only way to truly know a people is to visit them.

If we were to believe the movies we would assume that every American carried a gun around for the sole purpose of killing fellow humans. There are definitly places in England I'd advise visitors to my country not to go and we know there are
as many dangerous places in America also.

Meet and understand your fellow man before you judge.

Ricky wrote on 14.03.2010 at 10:15:53:
People of colour beware in Eastern Europe! (Dont be paranoid, just be aware) Do your research beforehand.
(Black guy attacked by Skins in Bratislava!) See the link. ADMIN: Do note this is a story from 2001.

Andy wrote on 08.03.2010 at 22:25:38:
I just saw Hostel and Hostel 2 this weekend. Wow - what a freakin scary movie. On the one hand, I give the director credit for creating SUCH a scary movie. People love watching scary movies. It makes Hollywood money - they will keep making them. but something about Hostel is way scarier than any movie except the devil movies (Exorcist; Paranormal Activity). It's so disturbing it makes you want to AVOID any possible chance something like that could ever happen to you. Evil does exist. I did a Google search and now know that Thailand or maybe the 'organ mafia' does indeed come close to making the concepts in this movie a reality. If you don't research this stuff how can you protect yourself. The opposite of 'if you can dream it you can do it' is the yin/yang nightmare: Hostel.
Lucky for me I will stick to Paris or Barcelona....and still look over my shoulder. laughing

Camile wrote on 18.02.2010 at 11:04:20:
Yes this is the movie, but if you people asking yourselves whether this could be TRUTH, there is a truth, but director of the movie should change the location to Yellow House (Zuta Kuca) in the south of Albania and the crimes against kidnapped Serbian people during '99 for trading organs industry!

Zoran A., Serbia wrote on 18.02.2010 at 10:36:05:
First of all I want to say hello to all the people in Slovakia, I remeber the wonderful time spent in Bratislava 4 years ago! I am really amazed that slovak government did not sue the complete crew of this meaningless movie altogether with the film company which produced it. This awful making is direct attack to the country of slovakia in all aspects! Not to mention that this "so called movie" shows actually the country of its makers in real light - yes, we can actually see the portrait of american society. It is a shame to produce such a garbage firstly from the human point of view and the secondly the more greater the shame is to produce its sequel!! But nothing else could be expected from the highly non-talented and pussylike-faced quentin and his maniac assistant. Bravo for americans for they now how to show theirselves in a such a way-like a greatest cowards in the world, even the message board on the these movies sites does not work! Enough said, my greatest support goes to the slovakian friends, do not allow to be dimished by such a jerks from the us!!

wrote on 15.02.2010 at 21:58:49:
Well I live in Bratislava XD Slovakia. If you want some info abou it just write me. I dont say that bratislava is the best but you can believe me that the movie for slovakians is very strange. The music isnt slovak also the bitches arent slovak so dont judge it at all

Ericdec wrote on 17.01.2010 at 16:17:09:
I've just been to Bratislava and I can tell you I was very disappointed. There are just a few nice buildings there, nothing else. The architecture of the castle, which is the symbol of the city, is very basic. Even my school in France was better looking. After 6 hours in the city, I took the coach back to leave. Bratislava is a dirty ugly village comparing to Vienna or Budapest, don't waste your time there.

valeanu.nicusor wrote on 16.01.2010 at 19:06:07:
e un film care a spart toatte topurile si mi-as dori sa il mai vad o singura data,macar daca se poate!

Pierre Jaquemart wrote on 03.01.2010 at 12:13:55:
I just went to Bratislava for sylvester. I was surprisingly expensive. There are still LOTS of old ugly soviet style buildings. The city center is quite new and there are many bars and restaurants. But nothing worth going there! I at least will never go there again!!

mchael woods wrote on 26.12.2009 at 10:00:39:
does anyone know how i can find the hostel they stayed at during the movie i would very much like to visit the village in the movies!

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petra wrote on 14.12.2009 at 14:05:18:
If you would like to see Slovakia at photos, and read more information about the country, here is national tourist portal:

SLOVAKIA (sometimes people think that Slovakia is the same as Slovenia, but it is not)!!!

For those ho hesitate to visit Slovakia,I highly recommend to VISIT SLOVAKIA!!! and you will find out why.
You will be surpised by the people, nature, habits, etc...

one more thing: Slovak speaks Slovak language at least, and can speak czech fluently. Some of them understand polish, and in general young generation speaks english, or german language.

chastnoep wrote on 03.11.2009 at 15:07:46:
It was really interesting to reed. I wanna add it in my brose and will see future comments

Slowskay wrote on 21.10.2009 at 22:13:01:
I agree with auther. Article rather interesting and usefull

Burgas wrote on 21.09.2009 at 14:04:32:
Blog liked the authors fellows, well done.

Chicago Kris wrote on 27.08.2009 at 05:40:02:
To be honest, I've never left the U.S. When I saw Eurotrip and Hostel I was kind of creeped out by Eastern Europe. Its not just those movies, but other ones, as well. Rocky 4 depicts Russia as a dark place and many others...I'm 25 and my only impression of Eastern Europe is dark. I don't mistake movies for reality, but its just what we are shown over here in the U.S. That's why I came on here to see what really the case...If I get my finaces in line, I would love to go visit Slovakia..CHI-TOWN!!!

gothceltgirl wrote on 08.08.2009 at 02:29:31:
All of the comments are very interesting, and I must admit, shamedly, that staying in Hostels had become quite scary for me after seeing the movie. There was something extra disturbing & psychotic about this movie. I didn't even remember seeing anything about it being inspired by true events. And I have no prejudices toward Eastern Europeans as I was married to one. ;-)

To those of you who think that Eli Roth is a psycho. We all have darkness inside of us and it is better for someone to write & direct these expressions of their dark nature than to actually practice them, no? I am also a writer & it can be cathartic to write down all of the sick thoughts that no one would admit to having into fictional tales. Stephen King is a great example of this. His books are filled with nightmarish images and as a person who doesn't particularly care for horror films, at least not the gory kind, I can say that sometimes you just have to express the creepy.

I am not afraid of Eastern Europe just the idea of "inspired by true events" which now I know is actually from Thailand. I would still like to go to Thailand, I just won't stay in any hostels.
;-P Mostly 'cause I'm just too old for that now. Maybe when I was younger, but not now. So to all of my fellow Americans take some advice from your brothers around the world and see that Eastern Europe is not to be feared. The Cold War is over, lets move on. Its all OK.

dave lee wrote on 02.07.2009 at 10:21:50:
Everyones going on and on about how ''Hostel'' has damaged slovakias tourism industry. Im an Australian who has been travelling around Europe for nearly 3 years and the only reason I even want to go there is to tell all my ignorant mates I went and survived. Sure I bet its a beautifull place with lovely people but Europe &#305;s full of beautifull places with lovely people. I know I will be perfectly safe there and have a great holiday but for me the movie put Bratislava on the tourist attraction map.

devesh joshi wrote on 22.04.2009 at 20:31:44:
well i think slovak goverment should have sued the shit roth ,he depicted the movie in a trashy manner well i m an indian but still i feel bad abt it , i think west europe is more "WHOREIABLE" than east europe ,but it's more weired that slovak people are still silent on this issue ,they should raise this issue universally

Mikail wrote on 21.02.2009 at 05:40:28:
This was only a film yes, but in the USA you can pick any small town and film. This country is the size of PA roughly, and the movie greatly hurt the tourist trade. It was very creepy, and the former Russia already has a bad rap.

I don't think it's wise for Mr Roth to travel there without security. Many of the people from what I have read are bitter.

I can only say that the movie also made the town famous. I look forward to visiting one day now just because of the movie. Mr Roth is a great writer.

Now we all have to travel there to see for ourselves. I know the Slavik people are deeped in culture. Great country.

Thanks so Much

David wrote on 05.02.2009 at 14:35:13:
I'm shocked at half the comments about the film. Have you forgotten it's just a film? As some of the comments state, have tourist stopped going to the US because of the horror films that country has produced? Stopped going to Australia because of Wolf Creek (which is in fact based on true stories). Hostel is fiction and no film would stop me travelling to any country. I think there have been far worse real life atrocities in countries which we're all happt to continue to visit.
I think those people that say they'd never visit Slovakia need to get a grip. Isiots.

bob wrote on 22.01.2009 at 15:52:06:
thazard there is only one slovakian captain in the nhl and its Zdeno Chara.. but thats beside the point. The depiction of Bratislava in both Hostel and Eurotrip were quite bad. If i lived in slovakia i would be pretty offended, but really its a movie, and targeted towards people who have no idea what Slovakia is really like, so ignorant directors can get away with it.

undecided wrote on 19.01.2009 at 18:18:20:
when I first saw the movie I thougt it was sick and just plain nasty I watched againe as I will do sometimes and thougt the person who wrote this movie was sick and just plain nasty.Then I thougt this may be some type of warning not to go to these places. Now after seeing part two some sick and just plain nasty man named Eli is just living some crazy thought he had or fantisy.The government would be all over these places and we would have heard way before the movies.

thazard wrote on 17.01.2009 at 19:57:12:
For all those who never seen those movies or otherwise, the set for the movie was based in some small vilage in Cecz republic, movie its self has nothing to do with customs or culture in Slovakia, its cool horror movie bit cruel but not made to warn people from going there, story is based from totaly different background in a different country, truth is there are things to be improved in Bratislava like mentioned airport, 'cause it does look like total dump but still it is one of the fastest growing developing "central" Europien country in the world with Euro currancy whitch leads to fact that it can't be a poor country with crazy people, its normal that people speak more than one language, many famous people came or has a backround in Slovakia like for example John Voight Angelina's father or other actors, majority of captians in NHL are Slovakians and many more and lets look at Americans what a "great" country with their efforts participating on world wide terror, currently the poorest country on the world, if i were them i would shut my bigass mouth, off course Slovakians got offended who wouldn't like the big Americans do when their big egoes get bruised everytime, Bronxe for example what a shithole and u talkin about centralized mafia in Bratislava, go to Slovakia its one of the coolest countries and u get to see there everythink what the modern world can offer for those misbelievers who think that it's a poor country u won't regreted, peace

Jim wrote on 04.01.2009 at 06:01:52:
I was planning to visit Slovakia with my family, but after having watched this movie I am never going to set my foot in Slovakia. Unfortunate for the Slovaks, because my vacations often cost more than 20,000 USD. I have also told all my friends in Chicago to stay away from Slovakia and Bratislava. OK, it is a movie, but I am sure that it is not completely fictional. Why take the risk?

Allison wrote on 28.12.2008 at 10:04:18:
Interesting comments, but a little primitive in terms of culture. Let me ask a question: When was the last time a Slovak film was made by the Slovaks themselves which didn't depict their country as a village backwater full of hicks and village idiots??? Almost all Slovak films (especially the old ones) are full of 'sedlaci' and illiterate townsfolk. The majority of Slovaks don't like America because of what they see in films, but they have never been there. Only an idiot would say "I hate that place because of that film". Hostel has brought in a lot more tourists than one would think. The Slovak tourist board should be gratefull for that, especially considering their totally lack of ability/knowledge/know-how regarding marketing the country abroad.

James wrote on 23.11.2008 at 17:43:07:
As an American who loves Bratislava (I've visited twice, once for 1 week in June 2001 and again for a few days in September 2008) it was very annoying to hear about the movie. I had never seen Hostel. But once I said "I'm going to spend a couple days in Bratislava" or even the mention of Slovakia, and my younger american friends would tell me about the movie and say they'll never stay in a hostel.

my response? "have fun paying the prices at the expensive hotels"

Slovak Patriotic wrote on 09.11.2008 at 22:40:08:
We Slovaks didn't ask anyone to make a movie about us and our capital. What's worst, it wasn't filmed in Slovakia at all. I'm getting sick every time I hear about people saying they'd never visit Bratislava because of Hostel. That's just ridiculous. Hollywood movies aren't documentaries. And I still can't get that silly stereotyping of eastern Europe (btw, Slovakia is officialy in central Europe, if you didn't know). Do you really think countries east of Germany are creepy trashy dangerous places waiting for people from "the West" to deprive them of money and lives??? It's Europe people!!! Still Europe!!Regarding communism or post-communism, don't try to talk about it cos you don't even know what those words mean...

me wrote on 26.10.2008 at 11:44:07:
these clubs do exist, in thialand. they are of course, excellent value for money, you can kill, mame and torture and get away with it for as little as 50 grand. my wife and i both love it. she more than i maybe, plus if you both go together it enhances your sexual pleasures to unreachable hights. and its not just backpackers, its anyone who is stupid enough to let drinks be bought for them. so be careful, if you are on holiday and some rich people seem more than happy to spend their money on you, there is a method to their madness, nobody gives money away no matter how much they have, trust me, i have more money than i will ever need, but i wont give it away, not unless we have plans for the subject, then of course money is no object. many people have thought we are a lovley mother and father figures, and tend to take a liking to us, but they didnt like us when they woke in a controlled environment where nobody could here there screams. this has been a way of life for us since the late seventies, it started with prostitutes joining in with us, then some guy made us a generous offer that we couldnt refuse, we could buy a girl to do whatever we wanted with for twenty five thousand pounds. (disposal included) it was at first my wifes idea that we should take things further than just sexual and i soon warmed to the idea. prices have now rose to a staggering fifty thousand pounds, but to us its worth every penny, plus we are now in our sixtys and this is the only form of sexual gratification that we prefer. remember, you never know who your friends really are. this comment was posted in an internet cafe and is untraceable. thanks.

Thomas Walker wrote on 15.10.2008 at 00:08:26:
IT'S A MOVIE! Did you stop staying at hotels in the U.S. after 'Pyscho' came out? Will you ever go into the ocean again after 'JAWS'?! NO! That's ridiculous. I would still go to Slovakia or Bratislava, they look incredible. IT'S A FREAKIN' MOVIE PEOPLE! IT'S NOT REAL! To those of you who call to ban films, what are you a Nazi? Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. If you don't freakin' like it, then don't freakin' watch it. Stop whining like children. Sheesh.

slimsedg wrote on 24.09.2008 at 13:54:14:
im an englishman living in slovakia for 3 yrs. i have seen both hostel films, and yes it is fiction. but could it happen, i would not rule it out. Corrupt officials, half the roma would sell there soul if they could, And a rich elite who would step over you if you collapsed infront of them on the street. Money brings contempt here, but everyone wants it. As a touist, yes people will smile to get your cash, but that's the same in turkey,thailand,mexico or any developing counry. i try not to pay a penny more than i have to, then if they smile, i know they really are friendly.

talia wrote on 15.09.2008 at 22:50:35:
Mr Yersan McIrving as Eli Roth's defender. Wow. I wonder where you come from. Undoubtly from a non-postcommunist ultra-super-rich country with spoilt and haughty people like you. I'm Slovakian, living in Bratislava, and I'm proud of it.

Yersan McIrving wrote on 01.09.2008 at 00:50:04:
I haven't seen or heard about the movie. I don't understand why people are surprised about a film made by Quentin Tarantino. He always portrays anything or everything with anarchy and harsh realism. But he doesn't make social commentaries or make statements about films he is involved in.
Regarding Bratislava with my own experience, it is dire and the most 'third world' looking city I have seen all over Europe. The airport is utterly ugly with airport staff having cigarettes with the people in front of the doors, and the building is something you would expect in Laos or Burma. The city is so disorganised where even 4-5 star hotels have poor taste in decor. And if one is from outside the EU and you need a visa in London before travelling, the process is rather bureaucratic, cumbersome and just difficult. They seem to assume that students or workers who work in London legally would be tempted to move to Bratislava. Bad assumption as the place is an industrial graveyard and also a communist monument of bad architecture and junkyards. From Viena it was a step back in time to go there.

chanin wrote on 27.08.2008 at 15:34:04:
I saw the movie and I can it's fiction however why would a writer or director would name an specific country like that? in bratislava? Honestly it twisted my mind wether what scenario is the fiction and how to bridge the fiction from reality on that movie. It's a good movie.! I admit I love their beauty...slovakians I love you. I'm chanin from the philippines...(im a guy)

Aussie wrote on 11.08.2008 at 10:20:19:
Oh people, come on. I am an Australian living in Bratislava. I have been here for more than a year, and have never experienced anything but kindness and hospitality from Slovaks. This is a movie, nothing more. Bratislava is a great city, and rural Slovakia is stunning. Slovaks are gracious, friendly, and welcoming people. Please stop perpetuating such idiotic ideas about them!

Peter wrote on 05.08.2008 at 04:40:51:
you people make me laugh, bratislava is nice but there is dodgy things going on there im not going to deny that but i still like the city from what i saw of it, in my slovakia guide it says to avoid abandoned warehouses at night even the locals do, so who knows whats going in there, this made me panick abit and look over my shoulder all the time i got paranoid (i edmit that was the only thing that creeped me out when i was in bratislava my guide saying that but i got home safe and sound) i doubt its like anything in hostel it would have been found out by now surely , the worst country to visit it columbia 1000s of people go missing each year. theres dodgy things goin on in every country deal with it you cant live your life in fear, look at this site it will scare the americans (btw im from england) :)

abcde wrote on 12.07.2008 at 23:12:54:
Ok man I think that Slovakia is very black and negative country, also its heart of organ mafia in central europe, and as for my opinion I wanted to visit Bratislava for about one month from now but I'm not sure if I'm going to do that, cause I find very bad informations on the net. And I'm not American I'm from south Europe.

Olivier wrote on 03.07.2008 at 11:09:45:

Kiwi wrote on 24.06.2008 at 16:52:48:
I agree with one of the comments grow up. There are horror movies made everywhere in the world about all different types of people. I thought both Hostel movies were fabulous as were Rob Zombies movies House 1000 Corpses and Devils Rejects about crazy Americans. Lighten up its only a movie!

barbora wrote on 21.06.2008 at 15:22:33:
I haven`t watched Hostel, because I don`t like horrors, but I heard about this movie. There is no point in talking about it. Go to visit Slovakia (no just Bratislava) and after you can judge.

Mongolian wrote on 05.06.2008 at 09:53:32:
I saw both 1,2nd parts of movie and really disliked about this film.

How people do such disgusting things?

I am very curious about one thing? That is why Eli Roth chose exactly Slovakia?

There are so many countries in Europe...

I thought that it could existed in Slovakia.
Is it really existed or exists in Slovakia?

If so it is terrible....

I think Eli Roth is psycho, stupid, the film might influence to people who are could do those things because we live in dangerous world..We even don't know what people think in their my mind...

So Hollywood should stop making horror films...they r disgusting!!!!
I only want to know that it is not real...

fuck with film makers..

guru wrote on 03.06.2008 at 10:41:17:
if there is anyone from bratislava ..........plz can you clarify me about this

belinda wrote on 26.05.2008 at 23:55:11:
and by the way...
enjoy the show.

belinda wrote on 26.05.2008 at 23:51:53:
it's a movie. and like most movies, it's MADE UP. i looked up info on slovakia for myself & saw absolutely nothing remotely close to what i had seen in the movie. i can understand their being upset, but people should really stop taking things so seriously. hell, i'm from tennessee & i assure you, i had shoez when i went to school, i got my diploma & still have all my teeth. life is nothing like what you see in the movies, people. if you or where you come from is nothing like what's being depicted in a movie, then don't worry about it!

tiki man wrote on 19.05.2008 at 19:22:36:
personally, i can see why the slovaks would be upset, roth could have not specified actual setting but rather leave bit of mystery. but on the same note - i think roth is a great story teller that he can create such a stir over a story and if the slovaks would get upset over a STORY, then that just shows how powerful of a story teller he is.

also this would mean that we should not walk anywhere in the world. thousands of movies have depicted thousands of settings portraying maniacs and whores. its a movie with a very convincing story.

kudos on a great story.

slovaks - sorry if ur tourism went down at all due to this movie - not fair - but its the tourist fault for believing the silverscreen.

chapps wrote on 27.04.2008 at 08:15:28:
i think Eli roth is a pshyco.only devils can think like that.the most goriest scene i hated in the movie is that children playing footbal with a women's head.its describes slovakia like an evil city.wha kind of entertainment we have when we see this movie.not as a american
or asian or europian,think as a human being.this kind of movies should be banned.

patrick wrote on 17.04.2008 at 15:58:19:
we can make a movie about texas being an inbred redneck wasteland,which is far from the truth ,in the chainsaw massacare.and thats in our own country so its fine right?ts only a movie. euro's are so sensitive it's pretend,make believe,not real .GET WITH IT!!!ONE FILMAkER CREATES A FICTIONAL FILM AND YOU NATIVES START TO CRY.GROW UP PUSSIES

German wrote on 09.04.2008 at 16:34:46:
I been there last week and the place is okay, for me was a place rich in culture and people, the movie made a wrong turn and should apologize

tourist wrote on 04.04.2008 at 20:51:23:
i'm an american who has visited bratislava. it's probably one of the most interesting places i've been, with all its history. the millennium-old castle is fascinating, as is the crazy concrete landscape on the other side of the danube left over from the communists.

it's sad to think some adults can't distinguish a movie about a handful of pretend people from the reality of an entire, complex country.

the bratislava tourism board is handling this with class. who wants idiots who can't tell fact from fiction in their country anyway?

Barbara Dewavrn wrote on 26.02.2008 at 10:15:43:
The movie is an insult towards Bratislawa but I don't think it will make any cultivated person cancel a trip. On the other hand it might scare of a bunch of sex addicts looking for cheap fun.

Christian wrote on 23.02.2008 at 15:16:25:
Slovakian people need to re educate themselves to build there economy, and stop fucking there fathers, and making movies out of it. Bratislava is a shit city and it should be banned from Europe. By the way the people aren't friendly or polite at all, they manipulate you only to steal your money. I'm not a racist or anything but Slavic race isn't that great. I speak out of experience.

jorge wrote on 21.02.2008 at 20:25:49:
After hostel I put Bratislava on the list of places i will never go like africa after blood diamond
I think this movies are bad publicity

shobhakant wrote on 17.02.2008 at 09:04:42:
I would like to express my views to the hollywood directors who direct such horror films ,first to know well about one's country and then only show and first take permission from the government of particular country also.Not that,we are americans we r powerful and we can do anything and showing czech and blaming on slovakia.Slovakia is one of the fastest growing and beautiful historical and one of the terrorist free country not only in EU but also in whole world.So please never make such films showing bad of another country.Actually I am not slovak,but I love Slovakia

silvia wrote on 16.02.2008 at 02:18:42:
to be onest i do understand thats a movie but its pretty scare been in other country with out understanding the lenguage if i ever go to that pleace i better learn the lenguage before anything

Traci wrote on 13.02.2008 at 23:22:46:
I'm American and I've seen the first film and I liked it. I didn't even know it was a real country until I started reading up on the movie. I'm sure it is a great country and I have no issues with going there someday but back off ours. We have our problems granted but so does every other country.

It's a MOVIE and should not be taken serious. If you want to take something serious then read up on why it is based on true events and just what the true events are. That'll make a shiver run up your spine.

Futhermore movies have been made to make America look horrible case in point Texes Chainsaw Mass set in Texes which is also based on true events. Saw 1-4 set in NY about a crazy psycho serial killer. Scream 1-3 and I Know What You Did Last Summer 1 and 2. Traffic about the drug trafficing going on here. Do you need me to go on?

In the end a movie is a movie made for entertainment and should be taken as such.

gru wrote on 04.02.2008 at 12:06:46:
Well,i`m from Serbia,first of all.I must say that ignorance here is inmeasureable.SLOVAKIA isn`t a eastern europe country,but more of a central european-Bratislava is located about 50km from Vienna.They ate with spoons when british nobles ate with their hahds.But i understand that people need to take a shit on
other countries to make their own look a bit better.Sick people exist everywhere,and i must say thet Tarantino has a diagnose-he`s a psychiatric patient.
Girls are beautifull in
Slav countries,and those who are whores - they are in USA and Western Europe,fucking for dollars and euros with you,as they are unwanted in their home countries.If anyone has
some money , visit any european country east of Germany- you will have a great time.

alan wrote on 29.01.2008 at 09:02:54:
i saw hostel 2 and i really liked the spa where they were swiming, is this a real place in bratislava or its a studio??? if yes, can you tell me the name, i would really like to go there... thank you! ADMIN: Unfortunately it is a studio.

HNK wrote on 29.12.2007 at 23:14:35:
Typical of Hollywood once again. Why Mr. Roth doesn't make his own country look like shit. I am tired of american arrogance or rather ignorance.

Chrisangel wrote on 21.12.2007 at 02:12:30:
Movies try to make Slovakia seem erie or bad. But i have been to most euro countries i found norway and sweden to be alot more "erie" and unpleasent then slovakia

Dallas, Texas American wrote on 17.12.2007 at 08:58:27:

Earth girl wrote on 11.12.2007 at 06:56:45:
Put yourself in there shoes if the table was turned & it was your country you may view it differently. Also I read alot of comments about "Americans" I live in America allthough I am just a human not an "American" this movie disturbed me in alot of ways, but I think the main disturbance was that this a fictonal story though up in someones mind, from America, the country I live in.
I do not want to be a part of that. Yes I would visit Slovakia & who knows I may even prefer to call it home if I ever did visit. I here it is beautiful.

Slovak girl wrote on 04.12.2007 at 23:36:15:

Mister JF wrote on 23.11.2007 at 07:31:32:
I think we have to keep in mind that a a movie and for those who make their opinion about an event or a place by a movie(i talk about hollywood) is an big should read book, encyclopedia.....and travel to make up your mind. That's the better way i think. Please, don't belive all you see in movie.... Be free!!!

Bryan wrote on 05.11.2007 at 20:06:46:

rich wrote on 04.11.2007 at 12:05:19:
for the love of god...if anyone has any doubts about bratislava then stop listening to others and go and check it out for many more american morons are out there by the way..i bet the average american couldnt find most countries on a blank map of europe...stay in america we are tired of your loudness and silly english.."awesome" for example..if i hear it one more time!!! hhahahaa im off to fax my soul to god for an upgrade...i thought America had the best army...but when i saw that they couldnt even catch the A-Team...i changed my mind! "i pity the fool"!

Jersey Boy wrote on 03.11.2007 at 04:07:46:
Yo man...I ain't got anything against ya' a matter of fact i had whole buncha eastern european friends at college and all...yea ya'll suffered from different regimes and that must have weakened your government's control over many things...My point is the movie is just fiction. It has nothing to with your country specifically but it could happen. Hey it could happen anywhere in Jersey City at's a bigger @shithole than Slovakia could ever become but if you're a tourist in a foreign country and especially if you're american you can get hurt or kidnapped very easily bro...I've been there seen that's not because of ya'll its because of the jackasses running this's out of topic anyway..

I am not in a position to make a comparison between Slovakia, Mexico, Thailand...etc.
Altough I have been to
14 different countries
nowhere is like the U.S. and any other country looks run down and crappy to me..Maybe it's just me..

Anyway..just wanted to clarify...Had no intentions to offend Slovakians.

Smiley wrote on 03.11.2007 at 00:56:08:
Jersey boy, how can you compare slovakia with ukraine or thailand or mexico. U know, slovakia is not a third world country,you judge and you've never been here and i really don't know where you get your informations. Most of all USA has never suffered from comunism and controling of soviet union as you might know, slovakia was under the iron curtain for more years you can imagine and still had the strenght to struggle against that, but i must also agree with you about the corrupt government, everybody cares more about money than people so it kinda sucks, but we're not thailand dude, we're far from that. Although, socialism then and capitalism now looked and lookes more like deorganized crime, but i think that you could get along with the people here.

Jersey Boy wrote on 01.11.2007 at 05:04:49:
And to ya'll who are amazed that we can live in the U.S. with all that
crime rate and stuff...We have a lot better law enforcement in this country than any other country in the world...With a few exceptions our law enforcement people do their job and crack down crime...So I am an
American and I ain't going to no Eastern Europe or whatever...

Jersey Boy wrote on 01.11.2007 at 04:58:05:
Dude I saw both Hostel I and II and lemme tell ya I will never go to that country...NEVER EVER...

It might be nice out there...chicks and the natives may be really easy going, welcoming and stuff but the movie could be true...Well they don't have a strong government to control the mafia, drug trafficking and crime...They government is corrupt and the people are poor and desperate to make a living...Even if the movie is just fiction; all the elements are there to get kidnapped in that place...It's not only Slovakia...Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, Mexico...and many others...Just stay away ...

Ron M wrote on 29.10.2007 at 03:18:18:
Just saw the movie last night - well a lot of it. Got bored and shut it off. My daughter and I visited the Czech Republic and Slovakia in May. Drove from end to end across the country. It is beautiful. The people are great and we had a wonderful time. So many beautiful medieval towns, castles, mountains, spas,forests, and so much more. Can't wait to go back and see more of it.

Tatiana wrote on 07.10.2007 at 00:16:59:
I am sad to read how some in this forum write that Bratislava is ugly and Slovaks are crazy and twisted. The western propaganda has done it's job well in brainwashing the simple minded and stupid. The ugly parts of Bratislava are the gifts left behind by USSR and their 1968 invasion and communist occupation while the world watched and did nothing. No oil, diamonds or gold to pillage. Only 5 million, peace loving, good people who were never asked to be invaded. The shame of it is that most Americans are ignorant and many could not even distinquish the difference between Slovakia and Slovenia. Some would even say that Slovakia was part of USSR. Shame! This movie is an unfortunate and flawed portrail of a country that should be supported by the west, tourism and outsiders. Slovakia is full of educated people and there is much to see that is beautiful. Don't believe the misguided portrail of this country and it's people. And those who write they would never visit Slovakia, stay at home in your box because you really are the best and you are #1.

John wrote on 02.10.2007 at 06:26:45:
just filmed by someone who know the slovaks, they are not mean so they will just take it. In this world mean and nasty people take advantage of the passive.

Kaveenga wrote on 24.09.2007 at 22:02:56:
A few of us visited Bratislava for 4 days. It was an amazingly beautiful and clean city. The people were extremely friendly and helpful. Food, travel and accommodation was relatively cheap. Highly recommend the place. PS. I find it funny that some americans in this forum say that they are afraid to visit Bratislava after watching the movie Hostel, how do they live in america after watching all those american movies!)

Harry wrote on 20.09.2007 at 00:22:52:
In every horror movie there is Ficton. In Hostel there is no Fiction.
People you should think that this is something that can happened if we don't open eyes wider.
I think really it is not important that it is Bratislava.
I was in Bratislava on Seminar for 5 days. I didn't like the city so much, but it's ok. The point is that Slovakia has to be happy that she divorced from SSSR. That is the message.

TM wrote on 04.09.2007 at 08:35:45:
Can't we just agree that there are "killers" in every society - and that this movie is FICTION!!! c'mon guys - it's Tatantino... think KILL BILL - nobody takes that seriously; Let me just say, however, that Slovakia is a beautiful country and I doubt very much anything that is depicted in Hostal every took place there. I heard the director based the story on some true events in Thailand -- that's a long way from Eastern Europe - ... there was also a Russian film called "Ohota na Piranyu" - about "Elite" hunting - where a man (Mashkov) is hunted in a remote part of Russia by some "rich" enthusiasts -- and that's a Russian film about Russians.
Anyhow, to all Slovaks on this site - who are pissed off about Hostal and are angry at Americans -- Please don't be.... many of us DO KNOW where Slovakia is...and many of us helped win the Cold War and end Communism and USSR's rule of Czechoslovakia. Plus, we are big Marion Hossa and Pavol Demitra fans :)

NJ wrote on 17.08.2007 at 18:35:22:
This movie is complete garbage! The person, people, we should NOT trust are the ones that made this sickening movie! GROSS!!!

A Kasravi wrote on 10.08.2007 at 06:49:31:
After watching this movie I searched for any similiar historical events in Slovakia but I failed.In the other hand violence is in the highest level in some Islamic extremist groups and they have not been the base for any movie.So I think it was just a movie but can be harmful for Slovakia Tourism.

Aaron Solano wrote on 08.08.2007 at 17:20:18:
hey, there is not a big deal, like an American says, normally in the movies all americans are or retarded or heroes haha, i am from Costa Rica and some movies put Costa Rica like a jungle with some bungalooes as a City. :S
or they put an Army, and we dont have army about 50 years ago.
i just a movie, ass son i finish it i go to wikipedia and learn a lot of bratislava. and for sure will be in my schedule when i go to europe.


mafiaboy wrote on 02.08.2007 at 17:17:11:
i think americans are afraid everyone...
whatever.ofcourse slovakia is a beautifull place to visit and and they will not cut your head :P im Greek btw. i think its more dangerous to take a walk in new york than bratislava.

John anthony wrote on 02.08.2007 at 10:25:45:
I like to go Bratislava!!!! i want to have inner makeup with a lot of hot girls out there..

Jon wrote on 01.08.2007 at 23:55:20:
It's a fictional story assclown!!!

Diana (Slovak-American) wrote on 23.07.2007 at 20:01:40:
You know, I can't believe that after watching a horrifying, trashy movie such as Hostel, people would believe that Slovakia, specifically Bratislava, is really like the movie portrays it. You people need to take a common sense or an intelligence pill now, 'cause if you continue thinking the media shows you the truth, what kind of stupidity are you going to believe next???

gryphin (amurikan) wrote on 07.06.2007 at 00:43:40:
My church makes regular mission trips to Slovakia. I can from the slides they bring back that it has a lot of beutiful places and probably a lot of nice people. But I wouldnt doubt if there is a lot of wack shit happening there and other places in eastern europe that are really f'd up. Communism left eastern europe raveged and poor in many places. Fucked up shit happens everywhere though. But each place has its own style of fucked up shit. This movie shows what an american director can imagine happening in any poor east euro town. Nothing more. Although american directors(really all directors) usually do a good bit of research. You can all say american havent even heard of slovakia. My families money has gone to help your poor.

Stupid American wrote on 15.08.2006 at 09:02:21:
That may be true in your reality PeanutsInMY Shit, but as an Mid Western American who liked the movie: "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", i still visit Texas. Believe me, there are psychobitches in Texas too.

PeanutsInMyShit wrote on 15.08.2006 at 08:56:26:
i am affraid to visit Slovakia,, i hear they cut your fingures off there

Casualty01 wrote on 15.08.2006 at 07:22:11:
Hurvo, you come off as such a joke. "oh boo-hoo something was made about my country and I no like. we are a lovely people" of course.. followed by "HATE HATE INSULT HATE DERAGATORY STATEMENT SLUR HATE HHATE INSULT CLUR INSULT HATE!!"

I've never seen the movie, and any movie I've ever seen has not led me to disregard a country or people in the fashion that you seem to believe it makes every American do. If anything, the people of Europe make me not want to go to Europe. and of course, I'll be getting some Americans and Europeans telling me how in Euopre everyone loves everyone and the European people are so friendly and warm... yadda yadda. Yeah, to your face, on occasion. Want to find out what they really think? start regularly visiting the larger international forums and chat rooms.

Anonymity provides for some real honest diatribes. Every time I hear a European/Australian/Newzealander/Asian/Russian/South American etc..etc..etc.. prattle on in their incessant blind hatred for "Americans" it completely kills any ambition I once had to travel the world.

Torusim going down? good ... but don't blame movies. blame all the asshole prattle that gets slung around on the internet anymore. Hurvo is a prime example.

Hurvo wrote on 07.08.2006 at 11:05:37:
I just can't find out what are you americans proud of,what makes you so overconfident, I can see in what mess u yenks live junk food, ugly primitive overdimensed cars, fat ugly people ( i have to say not all are fat), primitive technology (e.g. washmachine from 1985!). Yeah you have the newest technology, cars, electronics etc. but 85 percent of americans just cant afford it. hey lads i could laught my head off when i saw your opinions. I am really sorry for you.

don't trust east europeans wrote on 05.08.2006 at 07:27:06:
I just saw the movie (08/04/06)..there is no way I would go to Bratislava...Eastern Europe for one is a sesspool.I believe very much that there are places like this there.
Plus, after being married to a Euro girl and romancing a few I can tell you that they are all opportunistic/mercinary/money grubbing cutthroats...Who are very viscous and cruel...the charactors svetlana and natatlya are VERY accurate depictions...these people are fucking the medievel evils have been passed down through thier genes as well...yes there is torture everywhere, but you have a lesser chance of escape or being found in Slovokia...those people have as little compassion as the Iraqis...who also love torture.

The Singer wrote on 03.08.2006 at 02:37:24:
Theres are always gonna be ( I won't call them people) But "human animals" everywhere. In the USA, Mexico, Africa, Europe...Wherever. The planet will always have those like in this movie who only function with dominant reptilian brain stem usage...and who like to kill and torture....Sure they need to be put down like rabid dogs, but they do exist...THE POINT IS... that should not deter pepole from seeing a Beautiful Place... Just don't drink, be cautious, be untrusting, carry a Weapon and Kick thier ass if you have to.

jason the american wrote on 01.08.2006 at 21:25:05:
i think that people in bratislava are getting all bent out of shape about nothing. It is a movie there have been many movies where americans are depicted as weirdos, i.e. deliverance. Its just a movie and from some of the negative comments that the natives posted it reassures me that the movie probably isnt that far off.

liss wrote on 01.08.2006 at 11:45:50:
what i loved about hostel is it added a fascinating element to slovakia, i am so much more interested in eastern europe it as always facinated me way before hostel- all eli roth has done is expanded on his interpretation of small unknown eastern european citys that capture the minds of many. you cant blame him for that.
hostel or no hostel slovakia is an amazing country unbelievebly should be proud!!

Skanthavelu Nadarajah(Greg Komarniski) wrote on 24.07.2006 at 19:19:42:
I don't watch movies that do to other countries what "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" did to India. ie: make/made the country and it's people look bad.

Pavlorestis wrote on 19.07.2006 at 10:36:25:
Are you so bent on entertaining yourself that you don't care if you offend a whole country in the process? I really don't understand why you use the same childish excuse we've debated 100 times in here! You don't care if you offend others, but you know how to defend garbage. Right? That really says alot.

Amanda wrote on 18.07.2006 at 21:03:32:
I Did Enjoy this movie, although being from North America you figure its what i would say, but hey we know everything in the movies arnt true, So whats the big deal? Its just for entertainment and will be soon forgot about to the people that are kicking upabout it. Roth, good job, good setting choice and good plot. Bratislava is a beautiful place and i think that it was placed there instead of in America because in Europe it is the "unknown" which people in America maybe didnt visit yet. This was just to entertain Americas more so then Europeans. Deal with it!

charlie wrote on 08.07.2006 at 12:30:04:
i am czech. while watching this movie i was laughing and some times felt very disguast... cutting heel and fingers with scissors .too strong for mee.The question is way makers of this movie choose this location , which is in reality very different.Probably americans just like our bitches.They are cheap,very nice and very naive.

Pat wrote on 07.07.2006 at 22:22:55:
I would never spend money to see the film, Hostel, after reading the film reviews. My appologies to the people of Bratlislava for my fellow American's who have bashed your countries' good name for the sake of "entertainment".

Pavlorestis wrote on 04.07.2006 at 02:28:49:
I'm sure you've tried the hookers in every town you've been in. Good job. If you're not going to bring any intelligence to the place, you might as well bring in some cash.

I LIKE BRATIS PEOPLE wrote on 04.07.2006 at 01:24:57:
Obviosly these bratislava LOW LIFES! CAn't deal with such a thing as theater, just because it's not in your taste does not mean it has to be everyone elses....HEy, infact, 90% of American movies our based in America and totally full of shxt! QUIT BEING BABIES!!!! BEFORE I HAVE TO COME DOWN AND CHECK OUT YOUR TOWNS REAL HOOKERS! Quit taking stuff so serious ....

German Huerta wrote on 03.07.2006 at 16:58:00:
I was born and raised in Mexico City - From my prospective; the key thing is not to repeatedly judge a country or a city around the world with weak arguments based on newspaper articles, movies or magazines. My recommendation is to travel and know the places in person. I had the opportunity to visit Bratislava recently and there are beautiful national gifts in that city, such as the Bratislava castle, the centre, local museums that give you a snapshot of the Austro-Hungarian dynasties, etc. Hopefully there will be a day in which everyone discovers the simplicity and beauty of our countries; always looking for an opportunity to visit the place, before advertising facts that are not valid and did not have any observation, critical thinking or logic at all."Enjoy the world, and every place in the world, right before you die"

Pavlorestis wrote on 21.06.2006 at 13:27:13:
I accept that. However that was clearly not the intention of the film makers. The end does not justify the means in this case. It's an unacceptable portrayal any way you cut it.

Andre wrote on 21.06.2006 at 12:25:03:
Watching these movies drew my interest to Slovakia. I'm from Australia and will be travelling through Eastern Europe soon.

These movies highlighted Bratislava for me as a place to visit, not based on the content of the movies, just the fact that it said let me discover Bratislava, led me to google search it and so on. Now I'm interested and going there.

The sort of people that treat a movie such as the two mentioned as gospel arn't the sort of ones that you would want visiting your town.

Mirage wrote on 19.06.2006 at 13:01:52:
I think more Tourists will visit slovakia after that movie. Because people who watched or heard about infamous movie "hostel" want to interst more about bratislava. i dont think All people except ignorant americans should not effect from that movie.

Pavlorestis wrote on 12.06.2006 at 23:04:33:
One would hope that the majority of Americans aren't as narrow-minded, racist, uneducated or apathetic as most of the ones posting here, including the last two. Unfortunately the odds aren't good.

imnoeurotrash wrote on 12.06.2006 at 21:46:25:
maybe all of you should have done a little reasearch. the original idea of this being a real club/hostel environment came from south east asia. seriously - would it have been fun to set the stage over there? i dont think so. with all of the misconceptions of eastern europe being poor and STILL in ruins after WWII it makes sense to put it there in terms of the western stereotype.

so in retaliation (AND to show you have a sense of humor beyond murder/whoring/torture) try making a mainstream movie that depicts us Americans as we actually are. Give it a brokeback twist for the people in san francisco and only allow obese people in the cast.

better not, we may bomb the shit out of you for something like that....

wc wrote on 12.06.2006 at 18:34:20:
From skimming a few of these comments, I would just like to remind all of you that this is just another horror film, so if you aren't the type of person that watches torture and cruelty for entertainment, don't watch the movie and dont complain about it, because you might as well scrutinize every violent film ever made. The fact that the movie took place in Bratislava is beyond the point, and its only receiving this much controversy because many of you ignorant people have never even heard of Slovakia. If the movie took place in France nobody would be complaining. I do have to agree that the movie should have taken place in another location such as former Yugoslavia because there is no war going on in Slovakia, as the movie claimed. If you are offended by any damage Hostel or Eurotrip could have caused towards Slovakia's image, then I feel sorry for you because you are insecure of your own country. I doubt I will ever go to Bratislava in my life simply because there are so many other places in the world I would rather see, and this movie hasn't influenced my decision in any way, Im sure many parts of Slovakia are very beautiful, and other places could be a hell hole, just like in EVERY part of the world. I can relate to a lot of this negative publicity because I am Colombian, and lets face it, no American movie is ever going to take place in Colombia without it focusing on cocaine. So if you think that Cocaine falls from the sky in colombia and 99% of the workforce is drugdealing then I recommend you check yourself in to a hospital immediately. I enjoy a lot of those drug dealer movies and do not get offended, the only thing that offends me is when idiots actually believe that crap or when they film the movie outside of colombia and use mexican actors for casting. Hostel was filmed in Prague, go figure.

Germanko wrote on 11.06.2006 at 07:33:00:

Jason wrote on 10.06.2006 at 11:25:21:
Slovakia ... Bratislava ... you can pay ... to do any thing there! Even eat salad with your fingers. Watch Rob Zombies 'The Devils Rejects'! A real horror film ... set in middle america. F*ck ... watch 'Control Room' a Sundance film ... watch my beloved America drop a bomb on Al Jazerra. Real time .. real war ... real sh*t.

Pavlorestis wrote on 06.06.2006 at 14:54:54:

Bill, From Las Vegas wrote on 06.06.2006 at 12:11:53:
Ok, first off, their is no chance in hell they would have an establishment that large in a major city for torture and burning people; the country would face international charges for crimes against humanity like Hitler and Sadam Hussein. Burning flesh has a very specific smell, someone would smell it and report it. Eastern Europe is a place I am interested in visting (western europe is know for it being over priced and snobby) and I have no problem going to Slovokia. Im sure I'll just get laid, drink some vodka, and shoot some guns!

Pavlorestis wrote on 02.06.2006 at 15:05:57:
Trust me. NOBODY is thankful for the movies you mentioned that mascarade as entertainment. Hostel is just a well-made shocking piece of trash. Eurotrip is just plain trash. They're both an insult to humanity. I think you need to find better ways to entertain yourself. Try some real culture for a change. Maybe you'll learn something in the process.

josh wrote on 01.06.2006 at 15:27:30:
hi im josh
watching movies such as euro trip and hostel that have seens and filmed in bratislavia just make me more then anything want to visit it., i live in australia but my grandparents come from poland. i will be doing a one year trip around europe soon. and i will be visiting have movies such as hostel and eurotrip to thank for that.

Pavlorestis wrote on 01.06.2006 at 09:01:25:
With a little more imagination (and respect), his highness Eli Roth could show them in a specific place before the hell begins and then have them supposedly taken to an undisclosed location. With those hoods on they had no idea where they were anyway. So wouldn't it be even creepier if the viewer didn't know where they were taken either? I know I'm not going to change your mind, though, so you can just keep eating your popcorn.

vladimir wrote on 31.05.2006 at 15:11:20:
well eli roth had to choose a city. It just happened he chose bratislava. If he chose kiev people in ukraine would be upset. Its a no win situation. But as a horror fan i enjoyed the movie and i cant say i really give a damn what the people of slovakia think. I know if this movie was made in NY i would absolutely have no problem with it.

Pavlorestis wrote on 31.05.2006 at 14:55:20:
Although I like your response vladimir, I must disagree with you. First of all, as I've said before I have no affiliation with Bratislava or any part of Slovakia whatsoever. Furthermore, when it comes to this issue, its tourism is the last thing I'm concerned with. If you've read previous posts then you know that it's the basic matter of respect I argue over. And I consider the excuse that the movie had to be placed somewhere, just excuse. If you pay attention to the details and forget the scary parts of the movie its still very insulting: The overly hostile police, the gang of murderous children and more. So the point is, vladimir, the movie slanders the town its supposed to be based upon in the ugliest way and there's no excuse you or anyone can use that will hide that fact. So show some respect.

vladimir wrote on 31.05.2006 at 13:41:49:
pavlorestis get real. The people who post here and say they wont visit bratislava and people who wouldnt go there in the 1st place. I mean no offense but if I am going to Europe places like Paris and London come to mind not Bratislava. So I doubt your tourism took a major hit because of a movie which gave it at least some sort of publicity. Do i consider myself an intelligent person? Hard to say.

Pavlorestis wrote on 31.05.2006 at 10:46:07:
vladimir, do you consider yourself an intelligent human being? Have you seen how many posts on this board alone claim they will never visit Bratislava because of this movie? Do you know how many other people feel the same way? How can you sit there and like all the other apathetic losers say it's "just a movie"! Go opinion-shopping.

vladimir wrote on 31.05.2006 at 04:25:41:
please people calm down. If you are offended by this movie well then tough luck. Horror is supposed to scare you and if you dont like it watch the lion king or the little mermaid. As for slovakia well eli roth had to pick some country. Plus I think tourism is up not down cause of this movie. If i was a slovakian i would be thanking eli roth for making this movie. I always say its better to have a negative view then no view at all.

Pavlorestis wrote on 30.05.2006 at 19:40:18:
Dearest Karan, where may I ask do you come from that there is no corruption or "bad" things happening? Never-never land perhaps? I think your chances are better at having a car accident or being in a plane crash than being victimized in Bratislava or any other town for that matter. So maybe you should just walk around your house for the rest of your life. But then don't forget about the 0.1 to 5 percent chance of getting mugged (depending on where you live). So I guess you'll just have to remain in the safety of your own home. But don't forget about the 5 percent chance of a nuclear war in the next 10 years. If everyone thought the way you do we would still be living in the Middle Ages.

Karan wrote on 27.05.2006 at 18:29:58:
Let's assume that this story is most probably incorrect. However, there is a 0.1% chance that some of the story involving the sick club is true. And I would not take chances with my life going to a country where such a thing could happen. It's not that the whole of Bratislava is corrupt and bad. But even if parts of the city deal in evil clubs such as the one depicted in the movie, I don't want to take a chance. I am sorry but I will not visit Bratislava.

Adam wrote on 25.05.2006 at 20:06:19:
I watched this movie with some American friends last night-- don't worry, no intelligent person really could think this movie shows a true Slovakia. We all thought it seemed to be a comment on the naivete of some American tourists as much as anything...

Other than that, I don't know what's wrong with the director Roth and Tarantino that they enjoy graphic torture scenes so much.

mw wrote on 25.05.2006 at 07:24:21:
I would like to know what "no slepping" stories you have heard. At least one please. I hope you arn't another one , who place Slovakia to ex-Yugoslavia

Haraldur wrote on 25.05.2006 at 03:24:32:
i come from Iceland, i want to say something, and after i see this movie Hostel,i will never go to Bratislava...Because, i have heard many stories of what happended in slovakia for many years ago, thats was no "sleeping story" for children....BUT! This was a FILM,remember that!

D. Pavlik wrote on 22.05.2006 at 18:25:23:
I am an American as well. In the movie Hostel, I found the grossly erroneous depiction of Slovakia far more horrifying than any of it's special effects. It's sad the director tries to cover up his own stupidity by saying he was aiming to show Americans ignorance of the world around them. Although the movie was number one in sales the first week it opened, it quickly fell. Hopefully this shows that although Americans may be fooled by faulty advertising, we do know tripe when we see it sometimes (not often enough). The only thing I can think that makes any sense at all is perhaps Roth meant to use one the war-torn states of former Yugoslavia but instead used Slovakia because he is such a moron. I'm not saying any state of the former Yugoslavia is anything like the movie's erred depiction of Slovakia, but it does make a little more sense.

Scott Mastrocinque wrote on 21.05.2006 at 16:59:32:

Pavlorestis wrote on 19.05.2006 at 21:24:49:
Need I say more (eric.. dude)?

eTIENNEsTRYDOM wrote on 19.05.2006 at 12:47:24:
I can understand the dismay of the slovakians. Fiction or not, after watching Hostel I intend to keep as far as possible from Bratislava.

Pavlorestis wrote on 19.05.2006 at 03:42:53:
hey eric dude. yeah like sorry for all the complaining u know. but maybe u should've like stayed in school so u could actually u know make an argument worth reading man. catch my drift dude.. or is this too hard to read?

eric wrote on 18.05.2006 at 20:41:32:
hey guys im so sorry u guys feel offended. the point ,remember it is only a story and not real just be mature. so plz stop complaining. I support the director to produce more movies like this b/c it is cool 4 me and I am not racist against any country or person. im neutral in any ways. and I believe this movie doesnt connect at all to Bratislava(it is only a movie). And after watched the movie, I feel interested and I want to go to Bratislava someday surely. so pls stop blaming Eli roth. plz dont stop him from producing movies with limitation.alrite ?

Pavlorestis wrote on 18.05.2006 at 04:58:11:
Movies are images, my friend Art. Therefore they are a powerful and influential medium. They're viewed by people all over the world. When someone is naive enough and has no knowledge of the subject matter in question, it is very easy to form his/her opinion based on the suggestions made by those images. After all your first impression of anything has a lasting effect on your view of it. And the first impression one gets of Bratislava via this movie is a secluded, dark, war-torn, hostile version of Sodom and Gomora. Do you think that's respectful toward the town and its citizens? Couldn't it easily have taken place in unspecified location, as to avoid this whole issue? In fact it would've been creepier that way. Think about it.

Art wrote on 17.05.2006 at 22:03:47:

Miso wrote on 16.05.2006 at 20:36:22:

Pavlorestis wrote on 09.05.2006 at 20:17:56:
I am not Slovakian or have any relation whatsoever, but thank you for being an exception
to the rule, Brian.

brian wrote on 09.05.2006 at 16:08:20:
American here- I hereby apologize to the Slovakian people. A few years ago I met two of the nicest guys from Slovakia. I learned about their country and praised their English!
Any film that presents a country and its people the way "Hostel" did is a huge insult. The filmaker should take responsibility for his actions.

HURVO wrote on 05.05.2006 at 23:19:30:
i don't want to spam this forum so no more responses:) it's not 'bout this idiotic movie anymore, and i have no patience to persuade yenks they'r not superior of everything.

HURVO wrote on 05.05.2006 at 23:17:28:
what shlould i give up? smoking? being angry of stupid movie or teasing u?:) (or having fun , seeing gigolo's attitudes (my dear todd)?

M. Wojciechowska wrote on 04.05.2006 at 17:33:23:
I skimmed all these comments after hearing about a "slasher" movie about Slovakia. I don't like blood and gore so I'll pass on watching it, but Slovaks should know what one American is doing to open a discussion about Slovakia. I am a musician who goes to inner-city Chicago public schools and teaches about Slavic folk music. I talk about how the Slovaks and Czechs are advanced people who split in 1993 without violence. 90 third graders a week hear this from me during the school year. By the time these kids are older, "Hostel" will already be passe but I hope they will remember what I told them about Slovakia and the Czech Republic. I say if this movie opens up a discussion about Slovakia, it's not a bad thing. BTW, Alzbeta Bathory was a Hungarian (not Slovak) countess who kept a castle in Cachtice near Myjava (in response to earlier comment).

Jason wrote on 04.05.2006 at 11:54:15:
Give it up Hurvo, Give it up!

Jason wrote on 04.05.2006 at 01:55:51:
Dear Hurvo,

You are obviously uneducated and misinformed. I did not use Wikipedia as a reference as I know this is not a 'real' encyclopedia. I used several sites dedicated to Warhol and you can contact the Warhol foundation @ In the post where I retorted to your totally untrue comment stating that Andy Warhol was born in Slovakia and began his work there. His brother John Warhola visited Slovakia after his death. Andy Warhol never even set foot on land in the region.

Here are two Slovakian sites that prove that you are clueless.

My knowledge of Andy Warhol stems from being being taught about this Great American artist who was born and raised miles from where I am located. Visiting the Warhol Museum on a regular basis, attending cultural events there, and extensive research into his background and heritage. Now Hurvo - its takes a real man to admit that he was wrong and made false statments. Give it up buddy. ;)

James wrote on 03.05.2006 at 20:17:53:
'Hostel' is a movie that is beneath contempt. Pav, yes I'm astounded to at some of the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. As I said below - it offends on every level - even on a basic human one by using torture as entertainment....but no-one's going to argue with the fact that its made massive profits. Right??! I think Eli Roth is a puerile sensationalist.

HURVO wrote on 03.05.2006 at 18:22:01:
dear jason , wikipedia is not ultimately true source of knowledge, i u wish u can write there anything about anything :) just to say so i can write there that HURVO was inventor of wheel:) so much about wikipedia:)

Janine wrote on 03.05.2006 at 09:57:05:
Oh and Todd, incase you are thinking otherwise 'Backpacking' doesn't bring New Zealand as much money as real tourists with real money who spend on Hotels, Rental Cars and Real tourism.
Also, There are alot more Americans than Kiwi's (incase you didn't know this is how us New Zealanders refer to ourselves) and on a Per Capital ratio, New Zealand and Australia would actually bring the same amount to your economy.
Except, most Kiwi's and Australians go to America prepared to spend real money instead of living like trailor trash in foreign backpackers :P

Janine wrote on 03.05.2006 at 09:51:47:
Hah! I agree Pav! Perhaps Todd thinks he is cool, He makes metion to Australian girls treating him like a rockstar when he doesn't even realise how far way New Zealand is from Aussie :P
It's people like him that make me want to hate Americans, but I wouldn't generalise like he does, so I'll just go for hating obnoxious, pretentious windbags like him :)

Pavlorestis wrote on 03.05.2006 at 04:42:35:
According to you, anybody non-American is an idiot and all the women are cheap and attracted to big-spending Americans. Is it me or does it sound like Toddy-boy is living in a Hollywood movie himself?

Todd from SF wrote on 02.05.2006 at 22:41:58:
Here's what any idiot knows: movies are not real! If you don't know that, you're an idiot. Whenever I travel, people seem to think that everyone has a gun in the US, carries it on them, and when murders happen, the beautiful crime scene investigators, who happen to have tons of clevage, will come and figure the crime out automatically. No, Hollywood is not real!

Have you ever heard of the saying that "any publicity is good publicity"? Well, it's true. And Bratislava's new found fame, even if negatively portrayed in movies, will attract some people to see if it's true. Once they see it's not, then the best type of advertising will get out, which is "word of mouth". Plus, so many people go to Vienna and Prague that Bratislava is perfectly located for people to visit.

As for being an American travelling, most girls (and people) think that you're rich. Plus, Americans are known for spending tons of cash in general, but especially while travelling. And people like to have money spent on them. So girls definitely react favorably a lot of time to you. I'm sure New Zealand would be no different than the many other places I've been (like Australia, where girls treated me like a rock star).

I don't think people realize how much money we spend. All over Europe, people are trying to attract American tourists becaue of the amount of money we spend, but we are demanding. There are advertisements in the US non-stop for Europe and Australia. For instance, I would estimate that the average American backpacker spends at least twice the amount of money in half the amount of time as to what the average Australian backpacker spends.

Pavlorestis wrote on 02.05.2006 at 16:26:15:
Take a look at one of the reviews people everywhere are reading about Hostel:
"I may not get the DVD for the sake of the film, but rather to show my kids and dissuade them from ever backpacking across Europe."
-- Kevin Carr, 7M PICTURES
Now YOU tell ME what I'm supposed to say to that. Is he a friend of yours, Todd?

James wrote on 01.05.2006 at 20:55:47:
I haven't seen this movie, nor do I wish to. I can only say that since its release, it has done an awful lot of damage. Despite of course being fictional, it should be disregarded simply because its main theme
is one of sadism and cruelty. I'm not sure who I'm scared of most - the fictional characters in the film or the fans who have lapped it up. It's also (quite understandly) damaged to some extent tourism in the part of Europe it portrays. Eli Roth has proved himself to be totally contemptable by making this film and to make matters worse he's filming a sequel.
Shame on anyone who supports this movie. The movie insults everybody - on every level.

Janine wrote on 01.05.2006 at 15:53:30:
TODD you DOUCHE BAG!! To try come to New Zealand sporting the "women love Americans" attitude, all you'll get is a smack in the mouth for pure obnoxiousness!
Try taking a second look at what you said, supposedly 'women love money' well, if a woman loves your money she doesn't love you because your American, or obnoxious apparently, she wants the money. It's quite sad that you would have to flash around money to get women, already you have painted yourself as a womanising obnoxious man who probably has a social likeness to Patrick Bateman!
And before you go for the, You are picking on me because I am American card, please note, that I have not once said that you are a DOUCHE BAG because you are American. Nope, I've met nice Americans and I know they exist (though I don't think I could ever live with myself as a decent human being if I slept with someone because of an accent, British, Australian, American or Spanish etc etc) Hah, or money for that fact!
I am assuming the women you "picked up" in Europe didn't speak english? Because if they did they would hear your ego and get the female equivalent of a "soft-on"..

Jason wrote on 30.04.2006 at 02:08:37:
I wanted to apologize for my misspelling of Bratislava before someone else points it out. ;) Seem like a very interesting city that one should try to hit any a trip through Europe.

Jason wrote on 30.04.2006 at 01:52:46:
Off of the Warhol topic and back to the original reason I visited this page. I help to creat 'Haunted Attractions' here in the US and I love horror films. Hostel was one of the best I have seen. I didn't know anything about Slovakia or Brantislava. This movie did not make me think the way the city was depicted in the movie was true! Its a horror film! Watch 'The Devils Rejects' or SAW II. These movies don't offend Americans. What offends 'most' Americans is the actions of our President. Watch the US news and read of all of the sick things that really happen hear. Our president invaded a nation that was of no imminent threat to our security and has created a new center for terrorists, and read about all of the civilians and americans who were killed because of his war. I feel embarrassed for those who voted for him; now most probably would never admit to it. Watching the movie Hostel made me intrigued by Slovakia (like the shot of Brantislava from across the Danube) and I began learn more. I never for moment thought this sort of thing actually occurs in this country. We Americans should be offended by the actions of our president, the people of Slovakia should not be offended by a fictional movie. However, I do see the point - a stupid person could believe this movie to be facts. On the films website, its list facts - and none are reguarding Slovakia. The movie was just so well made that someone that is stupid or brainless would assume its factual.

Jason wrote on 30.04.2006 at 01:13:34:
Andy Warhol (Andrew Warhola) was actually born in my hometown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 6, 1928. His mother and father, Julia and Andrej Warhola, are Ruthenians, a Slavic ethnic group related to Ukrainians; Carpatho-Rusyn Immigrants from Mikova, in the Medzilaborce region of the Slovak republic, the former Czechoslovakia. Mikova was their birthplace. Andy Warhol was born Andrew Warhola, raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Andrew Warhola graduated from Schenley High School in Pittsburgh and attended Carnegie Melon University in Pittsburgh. In 1942 Andrew Warhola signed his first painting A. Warhol and began using Warhol as a name at that time. Andy Warhol left Pittsburgh and moved to New Work city in 1949. Michal Bycko had a difficult time opening a Warhol Museum in Medzilaborce due to the fact that Andy Warhol was a homosexual. After watching the Slovak film Absolut Warhol; it appears most locals and the government try to deny the fact that Warhol was a homosexual. I would love to visit the reigon around Bratislava sometime. Can you tell me if it is safe there. I encourage all who enjoy the work at the 'greatest american artsit' Warhol to visit the The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. There are so many works and free film screenings that it will require a few days. There is no censorship, and the films are explicit. Warhols homosexuality is celebrated not denied. Someone posted a statment saying Andy Warhol was born in Slovakia, just wanted to set the record straight.

Pavlorestis wrote on 29.04.2006 at 21:54:20:
I think you need stop using the term "Old World" in your typical condescending way. You say it like you mean Third World. "European" is more tactful. Ofcourse, as an attorney you DO know what tact means, don't you? Spare us the history lessons. Just as you yourself insinuate, "American" is no more than a political term for someone who legally lives and works in the US. Where is your heritage? Hmmm.. Europe maybe, or Africa perhaps.. Or as you would understand it: the "Old World"? Do you know how many Greek scientists work at NASA? The money is good so why not. Everybody likes $$. Just like your girlfriend. I'm an American citizen myself. I've lived in the US and I'm not nearly as impressed as you are. But I've got news for you my "New World" friend. I'm Greek to the bone and wouldn't have it any other way. So take your Arian race theories elsewhere.

Todd from SF wrote on 29.04.2006 at 19:39:15:
Andy Warhol was born in the United States. His dad was born in Slovakia.

But you raised a great example. This son of immigrants is one of the most famous artists in American history. And even if he had been born in Slovakia, he immigrated to America and he would be just as an American as I am (8th generation). Hurvo, if you moved here and became a citizen, you would be too.

I think that concept is difficult from people from "Old World" countries to understand. When in Germany, I saw 3rd generation Turkish immigrants who were still not considered German. Same in France with North Africans. But in the US, even my Czech friends here who immigrated 10 years ago are just as American as I am.

Pavlorestis wrote on 29.04.2006 at 19:31:01:
The shot about the two favorite movies was for me, Hurvo. No need to get offended anyway. Neither was I, since Mr. & Mrs. Smith was a bore to me and The Mummy although fun was pretty brainless too. S o no, Todd. Don't worry. No offense taken.

HURVO wrote on 29.04.2006 at 13:26:50:
Sure i have to nod, this is not an topic which I dissagree with, she was acuzed by her neighbours she's deviant cuz she did a photo of her baby girl naked :)
and it really seems funny to me if u show as an example mr. Andy WARHOL -> andrej varhol. he was born in slovakia 'bout 25km away of my town and he started his career over here :)actualy u can go to Michalovce to see his house and many of his artworks. You did not offend me I've seen both and i fell asleep before the half of the movie. My favorite movie is actualy french "SHUT UP!!!" with jean RENO and Gerard DEPARDIEU, and also russian 9. POTA (ninth. company) about russian conscripts in afganistan in 1988 (stingers shooted by talibs), really good film even it's from russia (i dont like russian films) i advice u to watch it its the only war film i've ever seen without propaganda (seriously, no patriotism, no huge flags, no savages as an enemy). Forget for a moment our discussion over here and watch this movie.

Todd from SF wrote on 29.04.2006 at 08:55:49:
Hurvo, your friend can say whatever she wants about the government without fearing anything. And you can too when you visit. And if you were to get in trouble, you would make headlines and I'm sure that plenty of high-powered law firms would be ready to represent you for free. If there was a "thought police" for criticizing American policies, I'd be the first to be shipped off.

As for your comments Pavlorestis, the US is "united" only in its name. I don't have hardly anything in common with people from certain parts of the country. Some parts are more foreign to me than Western Europe is. As for lacking a society, the american culture isn't just about hamburgers and pop culture. We've produced some of the best high culture in the history of the world, but easily so in the last century: painters (Warhol), writers (Hemingway, Steinbeck, F. Scott Fitzgerald), play writes (Arthur Miller), and architects (Frank Gehry, Frank Lloyd Wright). And that's not even mentioning are dominance in cinema. I watch tons of foreign films; some are really good, but they don't touch American classic films.

As for mass-produced culture, America began it in the 19th century. The leading academic theory is that b/c of the US's lesser emphasis on social class than Europe made appealling to the masses from being disdained. The theory of entertainment in class-obsessed Europe was for the more "cultured" people to teach the "lesser" common people. Very elitist, as opposed to the American view of appealing to the masses. And look, popular culture took over the world, including Europe b/c that's what the people want, not just the elite. Dumb people need movies too, like "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" and "The Mummy." I probably just insulted your 2 favorite movies.

HURVO wrote on 29.04.2006 at 02:16:02:
pls excuse my grammar i'm not that good in english, i wished to be and also slivovica does her job when u r tryin' to type correctly:)

HURVO wrote on 28.04.2006 at 23:27:46:
my dear todd u as an attendace have to know U.S. laws friend of mine is livin' in cleveland for 16 years she's attendance like u at the moment she has to pay for her house next 30 years, also for elementary school (she doesn't want to have her children at state school, u'll probably know why) her ex-husband is in the prison at the moment with no right to see children. She want's to move back to slovakia but she can't cuz he have to give her approval to move american citizens (children) out of U.S. even he's criminal. If she went in the front of her house and shouted that she dissagree with foreign strategy of USA she would lose her children.( so much 'bout thought police) berkeley is a good university and i agree with u that it can be fine to visit SF. i told i do not hate U.S. i can believe there r many ppl that hate bush. What's sad, U.S. is mostly represented by dorks. the blog u wrote before was exactly copying characters from hostel of eurotrip.

Pavlorestis wrote on 28.04.2006 at 21:37:12:
I have to disagree with you there, Todd. I wouldn't call it diversity in thought or culture for that matter. I would call it a mish-mash of ethnicities and cultures into one "unified" country under one "unified" government with one mass-produced culture that, while offering great diversity in economy, encurls several social clashes. In short: Booming economy - Lacking society. You know, for your 7 year education your views seem pretty shallow and narrow-minded.

Todd from SF wrote on 28.04.2006 at 18:50:02:
I invite, no beg you to please come to the US. It sounds like you will be easily impressed, especially when you see that there are no "Thought Police."

Come to SF. Go visit Berkeley. Ask people there what they think of Bush. One of the most offensive things someone can say to many people is that they like Bush.

The US is extremely polarized right now. Bush would definitely not win if he ran again. The good thing about him being reelected is that the Democrats are likely to gain control of the presidency and Congress in 2008, changing the country much more dramatically than if Kerry had won. Plus, Bush is handcuffed anyway with his bungling in the Middle East and his US political problems (one of the lowest approval ratings in history).

Please do not try to put a European country shoe on the US b/c we're way more diverse (35% are not of European descent), not just ethnically, but in thought as well. Most Americans' largest surprise when visiting "Old World" countries are how homogenous they still are in ethnicity and thought. When you have 300 million people from all over the world (40 million Americans were not born in the US) of all different ethnicities and backgrounds, there's absolutely no comparison to a European country.

HURVO wrote on 28.04.2006 at 10:10:07:
LOL :P todd read what you wrote again. "T: I have no problem to get a girl.. cuz they love $$" I'm pretty sure that all girls are waitig for u to fertilize them cuz u r american L:> are you 16?

Pavlorestis wrote on 28.04.2006 at 02:44:28:
Sorry to ruin your little fantasy there Todd, but are prostitutes the only women you know of? Sure seems like it from the way you describe European girls. The only women I know of that react that way to American tourists are hookers and strippers cuz they're the easiest fish.

Todd from SF wrote on 27.04.2006 at 21:08:05:
I have no problem getting girls in Europe, especially Central and Eastern Europe. I've actually been with a Slovakian girl. I'm sure Bratislava would be really easy for me. Girls like US $.

Sorry, but travelling around Europe as an American does attract women. Better yet, you get interest from girls travelling anywhere in the world when they find out you're American. It's quite fun.

HURVO wrote on 27.04.2006 at 18:39:17:
to admins: I can see now that i used inadequate words. I apologize, and if you wouldn't mind > todd you are warmly welcome in bratislava but this city is not full of easy girls like depicted in hostel, unless you pay a call girl from vienna , you will have to utilize your hands to get some exciting experience. ADMIN RESPONSE: Thanks Hurvo, that's much better ;)

HURVO wrote on 27.04.2006 at 18:35:06:
well with deepest admiration to your intelect and education dear todd U.S. schools are aren't all the best ones in the world not at all. many times it is enough for graduation to be able speak and be good footbal/lacros/hockey (insert optional sport) player. About the rankings who made them? It looks like that it is enough to disagree that U.S. is not the best country on the whole world with best democracy/army/economy (insert optional noun). i'm sorry that i do not wear coca-cola T-shirt, with hamburger in one hand and U.S. flag in another. If u consider me anti-american i don't mind. i understand that u grew up atmophere of fanatic patriotism. (btw sounds familiar to me. hmm yes germany thirties). truly everyone really wants to work in america :) is that really what you've been told? Most people do not need to be tought how to live their lives in their country. Everyone who do not agree with you is close-minded anti-american, well it is the easiest way how to categorize people- /1/ people with same attitude like me /2/ idiots. I don't mind if you are patriot but please do not abuse me with your patriotism, do not abuse me with idiotic movies about horny teenagers and deviants acting they are slovaks/modavians/germans /whoever.
what really iritates me is the attitude of people from U.S. that it is enough to be from america to become superior of everybody and everything with doesn't matter if he/she graduated harvard or orange county high school. just few examples for your amusement 1.Sorbona, Oxford, Charles's university. 2.French foreign legion -specialy 2me regiment entranger de parachutist. British royal army.
3. the economy of Ireland, russia, japan China, whole EU.

P.S. I just can't remember how your goverment helped to throw down communists power in former czechoslovakia, as i can remember WE went to the streets. were You tought something else? If so inform me how it really was. I can also remember your politicians burning themselves to protest against invasion in front of russian tanks in 1968. Oh sorry it were our students and citizens. Your schools do not "suck" they are just adequate.

Pavlorestis wrote on 27.04.2006 at 16:54:00:
Objection.. True about the rankings, Todd. Some American Universities offer the best higher education there is to offer. However, as an Applied Mathematician I know for a fact that much of the Calculus and Algebra curricula in Greek highschools is more advanced than those taught in the first year of any Mathematics department in the US. Obviously this doesn't mean that American Universities suck. Moreover, it's a mistake to compare knowledge of a specific State of the US to the knowledge of a foreign country. Nobody expects you to know the "inner workings" of any given country, but simply to know of its existence and show respect for its culture and people. Also while you are so eagerly correcting spelling errors why don't you check the spelling of some of the Americans on this board. Finally, its hardly in your favor to defend the majority of people who "hate" Bush when, apparently the majority either re-elected his administration or (worse) couldn't care less who represents their leadership. Hurvo, please elaborate on the inaccuracy you refer to. This board is getting broader and more interesting than the original issue of Hostel. Nice.

Todd from SF wrote on 26.04.2006 at 22:45:12:
I find it funny how you denigrate our universities. In case you've never seen a world rankings, US universities make up 80% of the Top 20 and Top 100.

And yes, I've "read" (note that the color is "red") 1984. I also went to university for the minimum of 7 years to become an attorney in the US. Oh, but our universities suck, that's why people from all over the world come to go to university here (I can count at least 100 countries represented during my time).

The funny thing is that you implied you've never been to the US. Ha! You must be a US expert then (sarcasm alert). Do you even know what a hillbillie is? Oh, you saw Cletus on the Simpsons.

99% of the time, the people I met while in a foreign country who'd been to the US told me (a) how much they loved it and (b) how much they'd love to live there. You should come and open your most anti-Americans I've met, you're very close minded. Only simpletons can't distinguish b/n the government (the one that caused your country to be free of communistic totalitarianism) and the people (half of whom hate Bush).

HURVO wrote on 26.04.2006 at 20:55:53:
well well cencorship works:) (to admin: was it really so offensive?)

ADMIN RESPONSE: Sorry, Hurvo, we cut off the last sentence as it used several expletives. You would have been notified and offered the option of editing the comment yourself, but you provided no e-mail contact.

HURVO wrote on 26.04.2006 at 17:00:18:
todd (from san francisco i assume :) ) it seems to me that most of americans think they are unrightfully hated by rest of the world just because they soooo clever, democratic and cool :P and these savages in europe are just jealous because US chaps bam their girls. well, i'm afraid it's not true. it seems to me that u live in airstrip one from G. ORWELLS novel 1984.(have u ever red it? most people from my unit did) and people over here DO NOT HATE US they r jist SORRY FOR U. Most of my friends who ever been to US told me it was fine to be there for a while but they can't express to live there. It really id amusing to watch u glorifing california (also my 5 years old sister can point california on the map what u guys use to learn at colege most of the world learn at high school even in uzbekistan L:-)if eli produce such a freaky shit again be so kind and tell him to place it somewhere to hillbilie area btw mexico and canada (no offense). I assure u i do not hate america i'm sorry for u. (would u bomb slovakia for my words? :)

Loralie wrote on 25.04.2006 at 12:30:48:
I have visited a number of cities in Slovakia and have many friends who live there, it is a beautiful country full of amazing people. I am an American and have been living in the Czech Republic for over a year and I love it here, I know that many people believe this film will stop tourism but anyone who is serious about traveling and really wants to explore a country will do adequate research first, and anyone who looks at Slovakia will realize that it is not the country that is portraid in the movie. The people who do get scared of visiting after seeing this film are ignorant and shouldn't be traveling in the first place.

bonnie wrote on 24.04.2006 at 14:09:55:
Correct me if I am wrong but didnt Elizabeth Bathory come from Slovakia and have her awful castle there.
As well Barbara of Cilli was their queen and was considered a evil witch who killed many.Northamericans should just stay home because its better and after peak oil everyone will be staying home

Todd from SF wrote on 23.04.2006 at 21:53:39:
These posts are hilarious! Hostel was awesome and it really makes me want to go to Bratislava now much more. Can't wait! America-haters will grasp at anything they can to criticize Americans, as if George Bush, who squeaks by in two elections against third-rate competition, is loved by all Americans. It has no logic, but then again, neither do anti-Americans.

So what if Eli Roth didn't know that Slovakia was no longer linked to the Czech Republic? The country has 5 million people (smaller than 8 different metropolitan areas in the US) and has a a whopping GDP competitive with the economic powerhouses of Sudan and Sri Lanka. As you can see, Slovakia has such a daily effect on Americans' lives.

I'm sure every European is very knowledgeable on what is going on in different states in the United States. Oh no, most people in Europe I met could not even point out California on a map! It's larger and has more people than all but a few European countries (also more than Canada and almost twice as many as Australia) plus it's economy (if it was a nation) is the 6th largest in the world. And don't forget how you can go everywhere in the world and watch and listen to entertainment made in this state. But as an American, I'm held to the standard where I should have up-to-date knowledge of the political inner-workings of countries like Moldova and Uzbeckistan. As for others, your ignorance of the most influential and powerful country in the history of the world is fine.

Hostel rocked!!! Can't wait to go to Bratislava!

HURVO wrote on 23.04.2006 at 01:07:16:
pavloretis what u said about their army is not completely right, BUT the most amusing thing i heard last days was when condie said "America has right to attack iran cuz she has to defend herself" that's all about them. one advice to yenks and also normal americans : watch fahrenheit 9/11 in first 15 minutes is decribed YOUR democracy, send my hughs and kisses to george W. :)

Nuno Cabrita wrote on 22.04.2006 at 18:08:47:
I have seen Hostel.I like it as a movie, but the ignorance of directors about the power of their message is unbelievable..lets use this publicity to inform the world about your richness as people belonging to a country with a brilliant future .As an european european..VIVAT SLOVAKIA!

Pavlorestis wrote on 20.04.2006 at 13:40:15:
...And Nicole, trust me. Nobody is dying for you. That's what we all would like to think. They're dying for a government that constantly tries to convince them that they're defending freedom and the common good. Look around you. Can you honestly tell me you buy that? You are right about one thing though. There are people dying for you and me. Sadly those are not the soldiers of today.

Pavlorestis wrote on 20.04.2006 at 13:27:50:
This post is in response to Nicole's post. First of all, my father is retired US Navy and I have met and interacted with several individuals in the military. My post was based on the vast majority of those experiences and conversations and not some European version of CNN. I do NOT rely on stereotypes to form my opinion. My father is an exception to the ignorance I referred to , just as you may be. So don't be offended. I know for a fact that joining the US military can be a promising job opportunity for many young people/families and provides certain college education privileges. However, this should not distract us from the main issue here: American foreign policy does not seem to recognize the importance of other nations and cultures. This is largely reflected in American society and consequently in American culture. This film, no matter how small its effect or innocent its intentions perpetuates this attitude. So unless you are in fact Anti-restoftheworld or apathetic towards this, you have no reason to be offended. PS: I am NOT anti-American, unless you think ALL Americans are like this. I just want some things to change.

Katka wrote on 19.04.2006 at 16:45:14:
to Nicole:
Yes, that always seems to be the argument, isn't it? Don't criticise the army because of the men and women who are fighting in it. You're confusing the issues. One can "support the troops" themselves and still be against the war and the foreign policy of the government. Do you think that all the people who were against the war in Vietnam wanted soldiers to die there? On the contrary. You don't have to want them to "fail," just for them not to be there in the first place.
And are they really fighting and dying for "you," or are they doing it for this war and the government policies? America is not a direct I would argue they are dying for the people who elected the government and supported the war. LOTS of people didn't.

Nicole wrote on 19.04.2006 at 04:41:54:
I have nothing to say on defense of either the American directors defense or Slovakia but I will defend the soldiers of my country, America. I may not be proud of all of the decisions my government makes but I am deeply offended by Pavlorestis comments of my military....

"The only thing you say that resembles the truth is about the military. But that's hardly something to brag about when it's made up of gung-ho self-righteous morons who think America is "the best" country and all Arabs are Bin Ladens or Sadams."

To use stereotypes to put down men and women who fight and die for a country....whether they believe the decisions of the government and president are correct or completely appaling. Many people join the military, for whatever reasons they wish including patriotism, but that does not mean they agree with everything our government says. To put these men and women down is completely ridiclious and offending. Do not generalize around 1.8 million men and women into your iggnorant idea of who these people are. There are plenty of soldiers who may fit this description yet to every situation there are others. I am deeply offended and felt it was my duty to stand up for my family and friends and fellow Americans who are fighting and dying for me....

Ex commie wrote on 18.04.2006 at 04:09:53:
Not the best for the new democracy of Slovakia to start suing directors and artists. Let that in the past. After all its art and usually things in art are exaggerated, otherwise we would not watch if it was everyday life. I have never been in eastern Europe but I believe a lot of people have already read in newspapers and other media, that there is corruption, organized crime, economic problems . It is in your hands to change things, and how other people see you.

Katka wrote on 18.04.2006 at 00:28:53:

Janine wrote on 14.04.2006 at 19:17:33:
I visited there when I was very young and I have some fond memorys! Infact when I watched Hostel I was suprised that they had portrayed it like they had, which is exactly why I am looking this up now because I wanted to see if people were offended, and you have every right to be.
You must try to understand though, they chose a country that they don't know much about and it could have just as easily been here in New Zealand, because alot of Americans don't know the difference, infact speaking to Americans over the internet alot of people seem to think that we are part of Australia.
I don't think it was meant to offend any of you, you just happened to be the unlucky spot on the map that the "pin" fell on.
Not all Americans are ignorant though, and alot hang their heads in shame at what the rest of their country is up to.
The movie was an artistic movie, and though I would rather watch something a little less horrific I appreciate the artistic value and realised that you guys are just the poor town that got picked on, not once did it ever cross my mind that it might actually ever happen. Hell quite frankly from what I remember from my trip to America it would be more likely to happen there.
Try not to worry about "where" the film was set, but realise that it probably wasn't personal!!
And as someone mentioned before, try to use the press for good, anyone who liked the movie is probably looking at tourist websites and realises that it is actually a lovley place with friendly people :)

gog wrote on 13.04.2006 at 17:17:50:

Kyle in America wrote on 11.04.2006 at 06:46:52:
I actually liked the movie. It was freaky but I'm not scared to visit eastern europe. Honestly, it has to be safer than East St. Louis (USA) or Mexico. Not to offend anyone but I've been these places and they really are dangerous.

Annemarie Lund wrote on 11.04.2006 at 05:26:52:
I think that the movie 'Hostel' is disgusting and that even though they most likely did not intend to offend Slovakia I think they should've first considered the feelings of the people who live there before they do anything that will offend them or most likely offend them. I have never been to Slovakia but I think that people need to be more careful and more open to other people's feelings.

Pavlorestis wrote on 10.04.2006 at 14:54:23:
Almost forgot.."We elect our own leaders"?? Are you kidding me? You dare call a country where half the population votes the best democracy? C'mon. And what. All other countries have a cruel dictator or something waiting to be "saved" by good ol' uncle Sam? Reality check....

Pavlorestis wrote on 10.04.2006 at 14:43:00:
Yes. You in fact are a perfect example judging from your post. Take a step or two outside of your shell before talking about jealousy and I don't mean getting drunk in a foreign country for a week. I've lived both in the US and in Greece for a number of years. So take my word for it: Nobody is jealous of Americans. They have no reason to be. The only thing you say that resembles the truth is about the military. But that's hardly something to brag about when it's made up of gung-ho self-righteous morons who think America is "the best" country and all Arabs are Bin Ladens or Sadams. Wake up dude. Powerful yes. But only because it feeds off the rest of the world. So quit making my point even clearer.

joshuab wrote on 10.04.2006 at 10:29:52:
most countries hate us, because they are extremely jealous of us. we have money and freedom, we elect our own leaders, we have NYC & LA, we have the best entertainers, the best athletes, the greatest armed forces the world has ever seen...........but somehow we are ignorant? Get over it.

Pavlorestis wrote on 05.04.2006 at 09:46:54:
I am Greek-American and have never been to Slovakia yet, but I do want to say this to other Americans here that say stuff like "the intelligent people will get it" or "we have a strong, stable government that protects me from such atrocities." that they're just as ignorant as the government wants them to be and FYI most people are NOT as intelligent or open-minded as you think. In my opinion it's simply a matter of respect towards another country (yes there are other countries besides the US). And films like this, no matter how "realistic" their depiction may seem, have none, and for many people as you see even in this board its enough for them not to visit Slovakia. The sad thing is films like this (not to mention the invasion of Iraq) are a good example of the arrogance/ignorance that causes people to hate Americans in general. As long as you don't realize this nothing's going to change and I'm still going to be ashamed of being part American. I will visit Slovakia someday.

Zia wrote on 04.04.2006 at 09:46:13:
I saw this movie last night.. What a sick and sadist flick!!.
For some time even I felt like that I would never go to Slovakia.Really sad depiction.

Greg wrote on 02.04.2006 at 21:58:55:
I visited Bratislava 3 years ago (I'm from Spain), and I was surprised the way the treated that nice city in "Eurotrip". Now, I watched "Hostel" yesterday, and more of the same. Bratislava is a very nice, clean and peaceful city... By the way, what's the war that recently happened in Slovakia they mention in the movie? LOL, It obvious they did a lot of research... :-P

Hostel2 wrote on 01.04.2006 at 00:23:26:
First off, we're cool Americans. We make movies our people and most of the world likes. OK, yeah we may exagerate a bit by saying every European smokes pot in Amsterdam but we all know that's not true! Also, there are no whores in the beautiful city! Wait, Bratislava was it? Of course we visit this city. Everybody who watch our movie, Hostel, knew that Bratislava is not like that. We'll be there (girls!). Peace.

John_Smith wrote on 27.03.2006 at 22:49:38:
I live in a tropical island and I know what the people of Bratislava can feel about is... we had something similar going on with US media boycotting us but shit happens and THAT is why I DOWNLOAD every single HollyWOOD (crap) movie they could create and don't spend a dime on their cd's....or buy a quality bootleg copy. They will eventualy feel it in their pockets.
My recomendations Watch Euro films very real
sug. REVOLVER (2005) bought the original for my collection

ginger wrote on 23.03.2006 at 16:14:32:
im an asian...i know that now adays all slovakia dont practice racism like in the movie hoatel.....but i have this terrifying feeling that what if im going to visit slovakia???do i have to be treated that way also...horrible...

Katarina wrote on 23.03.2006 at 12:25:03:
Yes it is only movie as many of you say..but still it does make us Slovaks upset and dissapointed. I live in London but when i first read about this movie i got bit angry about americans..I just dont understand why they choose eastern europe as their target for humilliation...I do know that inteligent people take it only as a film, people who know Slovakia will never think that the movie is anywhere near to reality...but SOME of the americans believe every movie they watch and the funny part...they dont even have a clue where Slovakia is. And by the way if you Yankies think that watever is in the movie is happening in my country for real..take my advice and try to look beyond the borders and try to learn more about other U are not the only in this world

Baybora wrote on 20.03.2006 at 15:06:16:
As being a Turkish man i can say that Barbara Nedeljakova is worth any kind of torture ... Dear Slovakians just ignore anything stupid Americans say ; we love you and your girls ...

HURVO 1st recce plt mbt TV wrote on 18.03.2006 at 21:50:33:
Bratislava is not an beautiful city. In fact it's an ugly city. but none of those "movie makers" had no right to decribe it in that way. I spend some time with guys from NG indiana , they were normal guys like any other, but it was wisible that they really believe all that shit they were feed with prior their arrival to slovakia. and they were rally surprised that we don't eat from the floor. I really do think that americans will believe what's said in this movie. btw fahrenheit 9/11 IS a good movie. (and yes, i know that my grammar is poor)

Mick Ilhenney wrote on 15.03.2006 at 03:59:29:
I really can't believe how worked up you people are getting.... It is a movie for Christ's sake. It in no way portrays reality any more than "Escape from New York" protrays the Big Apple. I suppose you idiots watch the new wave of Japanese horror and believe that Japan must be a hotbed of demonic activity... As for the anti-American comments on here... You do realize you sound just as ignorant as you claim Roth and Tarantino are, don't you? Hypocrisy does not make you seem any more intelligent than those you criticize.

Ariel wrote on 13.03.2006 at 12:07:40:
That is so bad for Slovakia, as me being a turkish we are still suffering of stupid questions because of the Midnight Express. I suppose Slovakians will be suffering of the same thing for some time.( by the way the midnight express had real bad effects on turkish tourism till late 90ies) Watched the movie yesterday with a spanish friend who didnt have any idea about Slovakia (although i have some as i met real nice people from there) and of course after the movie the first thing he said was ' no way i will go to Slovakia'. The film producers do not care at all about what they make as long as it makes them to earn money. The movie shows Germans,Czechs, etc,many crazy people coming for this hunting trip but it doesnt show any other nation as complete freaks like Slovaks,like the whole village is almost nuts.

Michael wrote on 13.03.2006 at 07:16:00:
I did not see this film. So I can't speak about that. In my opion Slovak and Braitlslava is a very backwards city and country. People don't know how to make business. I have lived here for 3 years and I am ready get the heck out of here. Here is very bad conditions to make business. Bratislava is not so pretty city. I agree it is a hole. Yes center is nice but that is small area. Also Slovakia is bad place to make business. I am moving my office to Poland. Much better conditions there. As for Slovak people they are good people. My complaints is that SLovak is backwards country to make business in. As for girls being whores I disagree with that. I think SLovak is worse place make business in. I am sorry to say this. Ask any forigner who makes business here and they will list long list of problems. I wish people well here. As for me I need run my business and in 4 months I am shuting my office here.

Milo wrote on 13.03.2006 at 01:49:38:
Yeah right...I'm from Poland and we have 'human-processing' factories near every bigger town - plus, my uncle works in one and I plan on setting up a career myself...that's real BS - I just donno what do the American film companies have agaisnt Eastern Europe - u might as well depict an equivalent or even worse image settled on your own back yard. Sick... =/

Adam Gagne wrote on 12.03.2006 at 07:50:31:
This movie is just as bad as 'Canadian Bacon' is to Canadians

James wrote on 11.03.2006 at 14:08:18:
I am in Bratislava right now and find the people very nice and the city very charming. I only heard about the movie from Slovaks complaining about it. Oh well, do not judge all Americans by the stupid ones. We are a proud country, but we need to get out more and not just take the Hollywood version of the world.

a man from ljubljana wrote on 10.03.2006 at 12:41:30:
hm. you Slovak definitely have complexes with Czechs. Second you got a very very got commercial. I actually checked your touristic websites and I liked it. I really think I'll visit your country soon. But not because of the film directly but because I visited your websites. And third the film only show how bad educated and ignorant are Americans. My advise to you is relax and use this for your own good. maybe you can replicate the torture museum :) And maybe now more people will know that you even exist.

nitemarc wrote on 09.03.2006 at 17:37:01:
i was in slovakia a few times and it's true about slovakian girls. they are so beautiful and cute... :* but i hope that people won't belive in picutres of bratislava. in fact in is so gorgeous and quite secure city...

Patriot wrote on 05.03.2006 at 15:23:42:
As for the tourism I think the Americans after seeing those girls will reserve all hostels in bratislava now. But they will come with m4a2 now. ;)

Paul wrote on 05.03.2006 at 15:07:13:
Cool movie. Too bad all the "Slovaks" spoke Czech and Russian with bad accents.
Why Slovakia? Wasn't Eurotrip enough? Perhaps it's a conspiracy by people wanting to protect Bratislava from turning into the nightmareish Disney-like fun park backpacker haven that Prague has sadly become. Only drunken and ignorant backpackers would steer clear of Slovakia 'cause of this movie. They cause more trouble than they're worth and don't spend much money anyway. Probably a blessing in disguise. I'll be going back either way.

polish_guy wrote on 05.03.2006 at 13:36:37:

heidi wrote on 05.03.2006 at 08:55:34:
I think there Slovaks must not be humiliated, it can happen in reality, because there are many freaks in Czech republic as well as in Slovakia. and that is a very teaching movie for american guys, not to travel for prostitutes,they just filmed it in Czech republic, cos its a good scene.And dont tell me people that for money these days anything like that cant happen to any human!the movie is about humanities.

lighten up! wrote on 04.03.2006 at 01:07:57:
It's just a movie. They make the Americans look like uneducated, arrogant idiots in Hostel, and they make some Slovaks look evil... and Dutch, German, and an AMERICAN men are featured as evil characters in the film too. Take it easy, any Americans that are smart enough to come to Europe know Slovakia isn't that fucked up. The dumb ones will stay home and watch NASCAR, so you'll never have to put up with them anyway. Relax!

Gokhan wrote on 03.03.2006 at 21:52:26:
When i watch this film, i thought that slovakian girls are cool, and educated as they communicate in english with that american suckers. And also think that director is cool enough to make this kind of sick film

vino wrote on 03.03.2006 at 11:17:55:
You Slovaks must have many problems with yourselves if you're offended by a movie.

Ika wrote on 28.02.2006 at 14:05:32:
I am a Slovak and am proud to be one. As many others, I am appalled. Lately, its been creeping on me. Many movies I see depict East European countries as places where there are absolutely no morals, no adequate education, no manners. All we see is poverty, dirt, stupidity. I just don't think its right. Slovakia as other East European countries is beautiful. Many people don't know Slovakia even exists and I don't think the first picture these people should see is from the movies "Hostel" and "Eurotrip". If Eli Roth wanted, he could have used an imaginary name and not Bratislava. I really don't have anything else to say, except that it angers and saddens me. People shouldn't portray some country or city before they see it! Whenever I come back to Slovakia, I am happy to see so much greenery, to breathe the clean fresh air (compared to Malaysia where I am now)and to be home, in a country that I will always be proud of.

nehz wrote on 26.02.2006 at 12:23:01:
I kind of agree with JJ from London. I think it may even boost the interest in Bratislava. I, for one, have to say that I didn't even know the city existed until this movie. I saw it this afternoon and am still feeling utterly sick from it (And I agree with whoever said that Tarantino and Roth must have very sick minds to have thought up of this and made such a horrible film). I know that there will be many ignorant people out there who will take this movie seriously and will stay away from Bratislava. It just made me want to know what the real place is like, though. I don't like the image it created in my mind and I have the common sense to know that it was a work of (disgusting) fiction. That's why I would like to erase that view from my mind and find out what the actual place is like!

Carrie wrote on 25.02.2006 at 15:12:45:
Hey you just calm down,
there are such disgusting places and ppl in any country of this world,

matoha wrote on 25.02.2006 at 14:40:43:
ello folks
just 2 get some of you (if not the majority) american jerkz into image...i'd recomend u 2 take a look at this hostel horror review =)

AK from Sydney wrote on 25.02.2006 at 05:23:43:
Eversince Eurotrip my aussie friends make comments about what a hole Bratislava looks like....this coming from aussies who haven't stepped outside Australia and live in hole areas themselves!! I love Slovakia, my country, and visit every few years. All I can do is feel sorry for those who can't open their eyes and will miss out on the most naturally beautiful places Slovakia has to offer.

natalia wrote on 22.02.2006 at 04:31:14:
i dont understand how come that there is no plan for legal action, slovakia might be small and not so advanced, but it is a beautiful country with very nice, friendly people and makers of movies like eurotrip and hostel shoudl be responsible for promoting slovakia as a dirty hole

djay wrote on 19.02.2006 at 04:21:52:
its probably good for slovakia that americans would avoid going there after seeing films like hostel or eurotrip.unfortunately i live very close to the US border and so am in contact with many americans, most of whom are extremely ignorant, inbred hillbillies and yes fat. so slovakia is lucky if it doesn't get many american tourists.

j__z wrote on 15.02.2006 at 18:51:56:

AnnieWay wrote on 12.02.2006 at 15:02:52:

Gray wrote on 12.02.2006 at 02:01:37:
I simply enjoyed the quirky atmosphere of the film.

djng wrote on 04.02.2006 at 16:55:18:
Although the film was for the most part well made and well acted, I don't think it represents anything other than the film makers' intention. It doesn't have anything to do with Bratislava. It could have taken place anywhere, but the filmmakers chose to call it Bratislava and that of course will annoy a lot of people.

What I wonder about is what kind of negative, angry mind Tarrentino and Roth have? I think they're are filled with a lot of hate and anger to make a movie like this.

Nevertheless --- "well done" to the actors. They work so hard, where ever they are.

Sam from Bratislava wrote on 31.01.2006 at 13:42:07:
to Eric from America: yes you are right. Thanks to american movies made in America by Americans we picture USA "with strong and stable government" as country full of mass and serial killers, gangsters, terrorists, brain washed citizens saluting anytime and anywhere, carrying a gun, bad black guys, stupid white guys, poor red guys, and all very-very fat.

petr wrote on 31.01.2006 at 09:45:16:
To: Libor Mikolasik: I am from Czech Republic and you are right I am much more spoiled than all the Slovaks, ha ha. But the essential difference is that we like Slovaks. Do you know how many Czech visitors are coming every year to your country? I hope there are no more people like you in you beautifull country

Kristina wrote on 30.01.2006 at 19:56:30:
I was really disgusted, disappoited and humiliated when hearing about this movie, which portrays my dearest country as some rat hole in the Eastern Europe! Last year I studied in the US and it is outragerous that the only thing that most American teenagers know about Slovakia is that it is that horrible backwards post-communist country as portrayed in Eurotrip. I am proud to live in Bratislava and thus now at least a few people in Minnesota know what a gorgeous country I live in!

Libor Mikolasik wrote on 30.01.2006 at 19:25:28:
hey everybody
i just cant help myself but i was pretty pissed when i read an article about "hostel" a movie making my country look like a huge rat hole.That's not exactly what we have been trying to achieve in the past 15 years.We have to do alot more to get tourists here now cause of this stupid movie that i want to see its gonna be a bit harder again and we'll be doing the same work again but whatever. WELCOME TO SLOVAKIA p.s dont look at "hostel" like you would look at a documentary film.Because my opinion is that the scenario where it was filmed=czech republic looks more like hostel than bratislava.Czechs are alot more spoiled than Slovaks.

beach1 wrote on 26.01.2006 at 21:42:57:
Let me first start off by saying that THERE'S GOOD AND BAD EVERYWHERE IN EVERY COUNTRY IN EVERY CITY IN EVERY PERSON IN EVERY PART OF THE WORLD! With that being said I have many many great Slovak friends who come to my country (USA) every summer for work and cultural exchange program. We became such good friends that I have been coming to SK for the past 4 years every winter. I have visited big cities and very small villages there. From Block of flats to big villas. My SK friends trwat me like queen, like how I treat them...with respect. I think it's ignorant for people to say that they don't want American's in Slovakia or visiting there or that people from USA are stupid and ignorant is just not right. Do you all want to know what USA is? USA is ITLAY, IRELAND JAPAN CHINA MEXICO CZECH REPUBLEC SLOVAKIA HUNGARY ICELAND COLUMBIA SPAIN GERMANY MONGOLIA TRINIDAD RUSSIA UKRAINE VIETNAM SINGAPORE CANADA TURKEY ISREAL JORDAN PERU AUSTRALIA UK INDIA PAKISTAN THAILAND and every single nation on earth!! That is USA...those are American's. We rae not stupid, we are proud, like Slovaks. My famill came to USA with NOTHING and made a life for my parents and siblings here. We rae every nation on earth. We exist because we want to be free from attitudes like "we don't want American's in our country" very clever whoever has this mentality. I'll be sure to tell me Slovak neighbors who came to USA more that 15 years ago to make a new life here, I'm sure they will be very proud of some of the attitudes. And as for the film being filmed in CZ and supposed to be in Bratislava...most American's still call CZ SK Czechoslovakia...the countries are very similar in looks. No sane person actually believes that Bratislava and SK are bad places, just undiscovered and that's their problem. Too bad they don't have opportunity to visit like I do. Most American serials that are supposed to be in NYC are actually filmes in Hollywood...big deal...who cares? Eurotrip and Hostel are two unrealistic stupid movies like most movies are and most people that have half a brain would know it, so chill out.

davidko wrote on 26.01.2006 at 10:16:53:
Tomas, believe me, it's better for you Slovaks to have scared or ignorant Americans stay in America. It is also better for Americans like me who have seen the beauty of Slovakia and have experienced the kindness of the people there. I have braved the dungeons of Devinsky hrad and survived to tell about it while drinking a cool dark Saris next to the Dunaj. Katie,
I apologize for the "damn Americans"...we live in the same country, but we aren't all the same. See you all again this summer!

Tomas wrote on 26.01.2006 at 06:24:41:
WOW! I am simply outraged of that idea, haven't seen the movie yet, but I've seen Eurotrip. As Slovakian, I have need to puke! It is ridiculous, I get ANGRY. If they had balls to shoot most of it in Czech republic why they didn't say it was there???? Of course, as always, political influence, from czechs. I can see that right here, (most of the crew was czech) oooh business is good in prague, hey lets dump it on slovakians, as they have always been underdog besides the CZ... -oooh Quintin please just say it all 'happened' in Bratislava so it doesn't hurt czechs. Darn, I would smack every one of those ppl who participated on that decision. No clue, what so ever how slovakians feel about this, over, and over again. Just putting down our country. SHAME. But w8 we will get up there. Ya'll be envy our country, VIVAT SLOVAKIA, Slovak people are smart, beautiful like nature in there. People go check slovakia 4 urselves, don't believe this crappy BS u get from americans. It is very good place for vacation.

Bill wrote on 25.01.2006 at 19:16:30:
The whole idea behind this movie is not to be a horror movie. The fact is that something like this could and probably is happening today as we talk and watch this movie. The fact is that it would very easy for something of this magnitude to happen in a small city of europe. Your authorities are pretty much non-existence and you all make it clear that you hate americans...this is no secret... I would love to come to visit many, many places in europe but the people have kept me away from stories I have heard as to how rude you people are. Now that I seen this movie though I have to tell you the chances of me coming there are a whole lot less now....BUT IM SURE THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY>>>> YOU HATE AMERICANS

Eric from America wrote on 25.01.2006 at 19:13:48:
It's not that I will believe everything I see in a movie, but this one scared the pants off of me. I would just rather not take the chance. I know here at home we have a strong, stable government that protects me from such atrocities. It's o.k, Katie, I'll stay out.

Katie wrote on 25.01.2006 at 05:19:30:
Just as well, I'd prefer if those damn Americans would stay out of our country.

Rob Eichenlaub wrote on 18.01.2006 at 23:47:35:
With the wealth of Euro films depicting Americans as anything but ignorant slobs, you'd think you pansies could take a hit... from a fuck!ing movie, nonethe less.
Get over it.

Milos wrote on 18.01.2006 at 16:01:21:
A quote from the film review: "The second part of the setup is Bratislava. Eli Roth does a good job of portraying the area as what it is: war-torn, hungry and almost without hope. Street gangs of little children will beat strangers to death for the bubble gum in their pockets." need to say more. Utter ignorance. It should be us, though, creating the positive image of this place as it really is.

martin malecek wrote on 18.01.2006 at 05:27:11:
i'm in a dilemma: i enjoy Hostel as a film, yet being of slovak descent i am pissed off that roth (the director) chose slovakia for the films' setting. i understand that intelligent people will recognize this as a un-educated portrayal of slovakia (poor, grimy, violent, however the majority of people are not intelligent. especially american audiences whom believe whatever they see in the movies is true.

nextbig"IT"girl wrote on 18.01.2006 at 05:04:02:
did this movie kill anyone because of shock?

ondrash wrote on 17.01.2006 at 17:51:02:
His movie "Hostel," says Eli Roth, "might do for tourism in Slovakia what 'Midnight Express' did for American tourism in Turkey."
..I think I will get inspired by the film..

JJ from London wrote on 17.01.2006 at 13:00:32:
i find it quite amusing that people are getting so upset at the movie's portrayel of slovakia's capital. ANYONE with ANY common sense will make the effort to find out about the true bratislava online or at their travel agent's before deciding to visit. somehow i doubt that the search result on the net,once you type bratislava, will have the "hostel" as the first result....

ondrash wrote on 16.01.2006 at 14:52:07:
I don't care if a bunch of backward Americans think we are a black hole on the map, they would not come here anyway. I fear pederasts and weirdos from all over the world will start coming here!

Mark Warchol wrote on 15.01.2006 at 03:17:10:
Bratislava is a gorgeous city and people need to NOT believe what they see in the movies and come to Slovakia and see the beauty of this country and its people.

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