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Calling Bratislava - Telephones

The country code for Slovakia is +421, the city code for Bratislava is 2 (or 02 if calling from within Slovakia).

Slovakia's incumbent land-line operator is T-Com (formerly Slovak Telecom), majority-owned by Deutsche Telekom. The telephone directory of Slovak Telecom can be found online or at 1181 (the telephone services also provides information on mobile network phone numbers).

In Bratislava there is a network of payphones (both card phones and some coin-operated phones). Some phones do not allow outgoing calls to international and mobile numbers (marked by orange sticker with Slovak and English text). Telephone cards can be purchased at most newsstands at two denominations: 4 or 6 which come with extra credit.

Slovakia has three mobile operators: Orange and T-Mobile (formerly Eurotel) and O2 run by Spain's Telefonica. All the operators have roaming agreements with the vast majority of international GSM operators. Calling codes for the older mobile networks start with 090 and 091 (e.g. 0901, 0902, 0903, 0904, 0905, 0906, 0907, 0908, 0911, 0914, 0915), calling code for O2 is 0949,0948,0944. All three operators hold licenses for the 900 and 1800 MHz frequencies.

In addition to post-paid services, Orange offers pre-paid Prima cards, T-Mobile offers Easy cards and O2 offers O2 Fer. These may be a cost-efficient alternative to roaming for visitors who spend some time in Slovakia.

Comments from our visitors:

Habib ALshatti wrote on 24.11.2013 at 05:55:48:
Ya stratil moya laska telephony aya haladam jej cislo cod v mesto.
Brosimvas bomj mi

Nuria Choibaeva wrote on 14.04.2013 at 13:17:21:
I bought T-Mobile card, can I re-charge it via Internet?

milan kolousek wrote on 01.07.2012 at 19:27:33:
I have a nokia phone from Slovakia & t-mobile provider.
I would like to call slovakia with this phone from canada, how I start dialing?

beth wrote on 05.04.2012 at 01:51:33:
I am trying to locate an exchange student that stayed with us in the US. He lives in Bratislava. is there an english phone book?

ADMIN: You can try searching in
Vyhladaj: enter firstname, lastname
ulica: enter street (optional)
mesto: enter city

Sharon Marnell wrote on 05.11.2010 at 19:29:53:
I would like to call the UK (home) whilst I am working here for a year. I only have a cell phone. Where can I buy a card that will give me cheap calls to the UK? In other countries I can call UK for as little as 2c a min. I hope something like this exists. thanking you for your assistance.

ADMIN: Mobile phone is not recommended as you can't that cheap rates for UK, but you can always try Skype or other online services.

Wil Cofie wrote on 08.08.2010 at 12:22:47:
I need to know whether a friend is texting from Slovakia or England.
Can you tell me if a text FROM a mobile phone IN SLOVAKIA show the international dialling code for Slovakia or will it show a UK mobile no where it was originally bought eg 07..... etc

ADMIN: That's easy. It depends on the SIM card provider. If it's British, UK number will be shown, otherwise Slovak number will be shown.

jd smith wrote on 08.09.2009 at 14:31:58:
my daughter has a job in bratislava been trying to call her mobile cant get her T. Mobile calling from scotland the code i have tried is 00421-2 ADMIN: Drop the 2 at the end, that is the city code for Bratislava, mobiles are on non-geo codes (starting with 9).

Irina Geller wrote on 09.11.2008 at 17:42:50:
How do I call the mobile number starting with 0907 from the United States? I have tried 011-421-0907 and then the 6 digit number but it did not work. Do I need to dial some additional code? Thank you! ADMIN: Irina, Please drop the 0 - the number to dial is 011 - 421 -907 ...

Eva Bernath wrote on 22.05.2008 at 02:24:52:
Please provide information for the following:
Will visitors from Canada be able to use Cell-Mobil phones in Slovakia. Or provide suggestion please. ADMIN: Hello, you have to ask this question of your Canadian operator. The answer depends on your operator, program and type of phone.

Gerald Royal wrote on 07.08.2007 at 18:53:37:
Would you please provide the telephone number of Europa-Juvel,Obchoda 18 Arkada 81106 Bratislava.

Kathryn Evans wrote on 22.04.2007 at 15:08:00:
Could you send us info on Bratislava and suggestions for making most of our visit for 3 days on May10. Either by e-mail or to 245 Gower Road, Sketty, Swansea SA2 9JL, Wales, UK
Many Thanks
Kathryn Evans

eva wrote on 25.08.2006 at 23:20:01:
i would like to reserve 2 tickets for mattafix concert at Incheba Exhibition Centre 02/09/06 Is it possible to do it by phone ? which number? thanks to answer me as soon as possible

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