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First Czechoslovak Republic

An important milestone in the history of the city was World War I. Bratislava was not hit by fighting directly, but the population were bearing its consequences on an everyday basis. Supplies were failing, and prices were the highest in the whole monarchy. The end of World War I in November 1918 brought about changes on the map of Europe. Austro-Hungary disintegrated, while the Czechoslovak Republic was established. The fate of Bratislava was decided at the Paris peace negotiations. When it was already obvious by the end of 1918 that Bratislava would be included in the Czechoslovak Republic, representatives of the city decided to rename it Wilsonov or Wilsonovo city after the US President T.W. Wilson. Representatives of the city required the treaty to acknowledge it as an open – free city. However, this proposal was turned down and the city called Pressburg, Pozsony and Prešpork was affiliated to the Czechoslovak Republic in January 1919 . A new designation was approved on 27 March 1919 .Bratislava appeared on the map of Europe.

In the interwar period, Bratislava was developing in a relatively harmonious way. At that time, the town recorded impressive urban, architectural, industrial and production growth. Several ethnic and cultural communities – Slovak, German, Hungarian, Jewish, Czech, Croat - were living here in exemplary tolerance up to the time of World War II.

Comments from our visitors:

John Lafler wrote on 29.12.2008 at 15:30:09:
My wife's family, Javorek, is from Tvrdosovce, immigrated to the USA about 1910. My wife and I want to visit Bratislava and the area for 10 days and need a personal guide to help us with transportation,language and an itinerary which might include ending in Prague. Can you provide us with some names and emails?

Hampton Correll wrote on 31.01.2008 at 14:42:38:
Question; When did the cities name change from Pressburg to Bratislava?
ADMIN: Pressburg and Bratislava (as well as Poszony) names co-existed together during First Czechoslovak Republic. Name was officially set in 1918 and in 1945, usage of other names (German, Hungarian) was discontinued.

david mcgrath wrote on 02.12.2007 at 03:01:24:
on 16,11,2007 I injured my back.I went to hospital in Bratislava and received great treatment from a neurologist.I will always remember.

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