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Humanzee hails from Bratislava in Microsoft Xbox film

Humanzee in James Gunn's Xbox Short FilmBratislava, July 24, 2008 ( - How do you get a humanzee? A secret lab in Bratislava, Slovakia injects human sperm in a female chimpanzee with a turkey baster, according to a short comedy film prepared for Microsoft Xbox game console users to be released later in 2008, Microsoft announced, according to

Humanzee is directed by director of Slither and Dawn of the Dead James Gunn who also takes the lead role. Gunn writes on his Myspace Blog: "In HUMANZEE! I play James Gunn, a dude who sends his sperm off to a secret laboratory in Bratislava. They put it in a turkey baster and shove it up a female chimpanzee and out comes my human/chimp hybrid son named, appropriately, Humanzee (played by my brother Sean Gunn). Then he's delivered through the mail."

Gunn is executive producing an additional five pilot comedy shows for Microsoft. All are directed by horror film directors (James Wan, David Slade, Lucky McKee, Andrew Douglas and Marcus Nispel). The films will be free to all members of Xbox, users of Microsoft's game console.

Humanzee follows Bratislava's controversial appearance in director Eli Roth's horror films Hostel and Hostel II and the comedy Eurotrip. Bratislava is depicted as a dangerous and scary place.