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Primatial Palace

Primatial Palace in BratislavaClassicist palace built during 1778 - 1781 on the basis of designs by Melchior Hefele for the archbishop Jozef Bathyány. In the attic of the roof, there are allegorical statues by J. Kögler and F. Prokop as well as vases by J. A. Messerschmidt. In the top of the tympanum, there is the coat of arms of Jozef Bathyány and a cardinal's hat weighing 150 kg. A mosaic by Ernest Zmeták is placed in the tympanum. Statuettes of angels in the facade are holding the letter I - Iusticia = justice and C - Clementia = graciousness - the personal motto of the cardinal. In the entrance hall of the palace on the right-hand side, there is a memorial tablet commemorating the signing of the so-called Peace of Pressburg in 1805, while a fountain of St. George can be found in the courtyard along with the entrance to the chapel of St Ladislaus in the corner. You can find the Mirror hall on the first floor, which witnessed the signing of the Peace of Pressburg in 1805 between Napoleonic France and Hapsburg Austria after the battle at Austerlitz. King Ferdinand signed the document here on the abolition of serfdom in Hungary 1848. Collections of the Gallery of the City of Bratislava are located in representative rooms, with a unique collection of tapestries of the 17 th century depicting the tragic love between Hero and Leandros, from an English royal weaving factory at Mortlake. The palace is the seat of the mayor of the city at present.