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Private medical facilities in Bratislava

Rehabilitation, massage, acupuncture
Biotherm located in the Old Town on Grosslingova Street 63 offers rehabilitation, different types of massages, acupuncture and many more.

Fit Look located on Legerskeho Street 3 (tram No. 3, 5, 7, 11, 17) offers rehabilitation, massages, sauna, solarium etc.

Promedis located on Kocelova Street 4 (trolleybus No. 205, 207, 212) is a medical facility which focuses on neurology and new methods of rehabilitation (pilates, balantes, massages, laser).

Revitalis is rehabilitation studio located on Heckova Street 18 (trams No. 3, 5, 11) which focuses on new methods of rehabilitation, e.g. pilates.

TAO AKU Centre located in Bratislava-Ruzinov on Fibichova Street 9 (bus No. 66) is a centre of holistic medicine, rehabilitation and acupuncture.

Centre of Acupuncture at Ivanska Road 23 (bus No. 61, 63, 67) offers rehabilitation, acupuncture and methods of natural medicine.

Noe located in Bratislava-Ruzinov on Herlianska Street (bus No. 50, 78, 85, 86 and tram No. 8, 9 ,14) offers various types of massages and other rehabilitation procedures of universal and alternative Chinese and Korean medicine.

Plastic and refractory surgery, dermatosurgery
Cornea Bratislava is a centre of refractory surgery which uses the methods of excimer laser. It is located in the building of University Teaching Hospital Old Town on Mickiewiczova Street (
tram No. 1, 4, 7, 11, 14, 17, trolleybus No. 207, 212).

Paracelsus - Laser Centrum provides services in the field of dermatosurgery, dermatovenerology and aesthetic medicine. It is located in Bratislava-Raca on Hubeneho Street 2 (tram No. 3, 5, 11 and bus No. 75).

Chirkoz SK is a private medical facility providing services in the field of one-day surgery, plastic surgery and dermatology. It is located on Gercenova Street 8 (bus No. 80 and 88).

Surgery Centre offers all types of surgery including plastic and aesthetic surgery. It is located close to the pedestrian zone of the Old Town on Kozia Street 17 (bus No. 31, 39, 80, 83, 84, 93, 94). Plastic and aesthetic surgery provides as well Interklinik Slovakia located on Tbiliska Street 6 (bus No. 52, 56, 65), Institute of Clinical Cosmetics located on Tematinska Street 3 (bus No. 92, 95, 99), 1. Laser and Dermathocosmetic Centre located on Nobelova Street 34 (bus No. 51),
Medestic located on Mudronova Street 37 (trolleybus 203, 207).

Medical Centre located on Suhvezdna Street 44 (bus No. 39, 67, 87) focuses on mini-invasive surgery, sport traumatology and orthopedics.

Habitus - Clinica Orthopedica located close to the National Tennis Centre on Pri Starej Pracharni 14 (tram No. 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 14 and bus No. 31, 39, 51, 53, 61, 63, 74, 78) focuses on orthopedics.

Kodent is a private stomatological centre located in the city centre on Lazaretska Street 3 (tram No. 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 14 and trolleybus No. 202, 205). Stomatologic care is also provided at Evident located on Jadrova Street 2 (tram No. 8, 9, 14 and bus No. 78).

Onkocet is a centre of sophisticated diagnostic and treatment of oncological diseases located on Klenova Street 1 in the building of National Oncologic Institute (trolleybus No. 209 and bus No. 49)

Buena Notte is a small private sleep laboratory located in the Old Town on Grosslingova Street 58 (tram No. 1, 4, 5, 9, 11, 13, 14, 17).

Bicom located in Bratislava-Petrzalka on Kopcianska Street 14 (bus No. 59, 80, 91, 93, 94, 99, 191) specializes on the field of thermo diagnostic and bioresonantion.

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???????? wrote on 21.08.2014 at 07:10:43:
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Vijayatarenjith wrote on 27.12.2012 at 22:43:24:
well around mardi gras, all hotle rate go up.. so ure ptrety much stuck on that 1.. but any hotel in the french quarter area is good.. i mean u wont have to worry about transportation cause everything is in walking distance.

Khairiya Ramadhan wrote on 21.10.2008 at 09:30:42:
I am Kuwaiti lady looking for a specialized doctor for my niece (11 yrs old). She has a problem with her growth.
Kindly advise us. Thanks

franco mottola wrote on 20.07.2008 at 11:05:59:
are hearing aids of good quality expensive? Could I have some example? Thank you

Andrew Fenton wrote on 22.04.2008 at 10:18:46:
Sorry about the email address the at symbol is not working.
We the Australian floorball team are here for the rest of the week playing in the world championships. We are looking for anyone that would like to practice there studies massage or physio to help in keeping our players bodies working .warm down massage ect.We do have a qualified dr with us yet for the massage site of things we would love a hand. For anyone that helps we would love to provide them with a reference from Australian floorball for there cv.
Do you have anyone that could help or give me a contact else where.

Thankyou for your time

Guido wrote on 23.07.2007 at 06:06:44:
If you're an American---don't know if other countries offer it, but get medical evacuation insurance.

Four years ago, my gall bladder ruptured during the Christmas holidays, and I ended up at Kramare Hospital. Uhm, not many people work during the long holidays, including doctors. Two days AFTER admission, the gall bladder finally came out, but not before the long wait caused gangrene and peritonitis. The last words I heard before the anesthetic took over was that I was THREE HOURS FROM A LIFE THREATHENING situation---that's called death. A simple medical procedure almost did me in. (It was diagnosed within an hour after emergency room admission.)

I got back to the states soon after. Had to have another surgery because the doctor botched the job and caused a surgical hernia when he was cleaning out my insides from something that wouldn't have happened had he removed the damn thing the day I got there.

Luckily, I had national health insurance since I was in the hospital for TWELVE days. And this is a teaching hospital---sure hope it has improved.

Jim Taylor wrote on 14.06.2007 at 14:52:42:
Health Question:
I am a UK citizen coming to Bratislava to work for a period of months. I take the anticoagulant drug Warfarin (don't know what is called in Slovakia). This requires frequent INR (International Normalised Ratio)blood tests. Can you tell me where to get such a test in Bratislava? Thanks.

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