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Bratislava region 5th in EU in concentration of students - Eurostat

Bratislava, October 5, 2007 ( - Bratislava region has the fifth highest concentration of students among European Union regions, according to Eurostat, the EU' statistical office.

Eurostat compared the student population to population in the 20-24 age bracket in each of the 268 regions of the Union's 27 member states. A ration of 100% meant that the number of students equalled the number of people aged 20-24. In 2004 only eight regions reached a ratio greater than 100.

The Prague region around the Czech capital reached 150, followed by Austria's Vienna with 126, Brussels with 120 and Brabant Wallonia with 111 in Belgium. Bratislava region ranked fifth with a ratio of 106%.

A high ratio would mean that a large share of young people are in higher education. This is likely to influence the overall social climate in the region.

Bratislava is the seat of Slovakia's largest university, Comenius University, the largest technological university - the Slovak University of Technology, as well as the Economic University, two art universities and several smaller private institutions.

Figures are based on an Eurostat press release about the 2007 regional yearbook.